NaNoGenMo 2014: A procedurally generated mysterious codex

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  This is the second year of Darius Kazemi’s NaNoGenMo project: write code that generates a “novel.” NaNoGenMo is, obviously, a playful turn on National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) — as is Safari’s blog-post-a-day-in-November. The “novel” is defined however you want. It could be 50,000 repetitions of the word “meow”. It could literally grab a… Read more »

The superior economics of well-crafted ebooks

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I originally presented this talk on ebook markup to an audience of ebook developers and publishers. As someone who cares deeply about accessibility and discovery, it’s a subject that tends to get me agitated, but I tried to be extra-polite because my audience was Canadian. My hope is that as web-based book resources like Safari… Read more »

Chaining and Reversing CSS Transitions

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CSS3 has given us a lot of goodies that help front-end devs eliminate the use of images to achieve the stylistic effects that so many designers love to use. These include gradients and drop shadows on both text and DOM elements (and soon we’ll have blend modes!). There are also transitions and animations which, in… Read more »

Cost-effective Development of Enhanced Content with EPUB3 (Digital Book World 2011)

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I presented at Digital Book World 2011 about using EPUB3 to produce multimedia and interactive ebooks that will be compatible with multiple devices and software ereaders. Anyone who’s ever been to a digital publishing conference knows that there is always a bewildering array of products that create and display enhanced content: ebooks that contain video,… Read more »

CSS3 for Web Designers (and EPUB designers too!)

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We were happy to once again be able to work on this series of web design books. I highly recommend both CSS3 for Web Designers and HTML5 for Web Designers. They’re a great resource for ebook developers who want to get up to speed on some of the tags and styling that will be available… Read more »

Easier EPUB Experimenting and Updating in iBooks

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[Update: Liz Castro has an even easier post on editing EPUB files directly on the iPad.] The arrival of iBooks this year helped many people understand that ebooks were already capable of interesting experimentation, multimedia, and nuanced, thoughtful design. Many of iBooks’ strengths come directly from the fact that they wisely chose to base it… Read more »

JavaScript and interactivity in iBooks

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Note: As of iBooks 1.1.2 (December 2010) this example no longer works, though JavaScript is still supported. I’m hoping to post an updated example soon. iBooks supports JavaScript-based interactivity in EPUB content. I took some content from Cooking with Booze by James Bridle (a.k.a. George Harvey Bone). It’s released under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike… Read more »

Interactivity in EPUB using JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS3: BEA/IDPF video posted

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I re-recorded my talk at IDPF Digital Book as a video. Getting the audio synced properly was no fun so I apologize for a few production issues. Interactivity in EPUB View more videos from lizadaly. Here’s the executive summary of the talk: You can add interactivity to an EPUB book using either the <object> or… Read more »