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One of the strongest features of Safari is the array and range of publishing partners who provide valuable content to our library. One partner that strongly exemplifies this breadth and depth is Packt Publishing, which provides our members with extensive book and video content on emerging, and essential, IT software development concepts.

As part of a new regular feature here at the Safari blog, we’d like to shine a spotlight on Packt and their deep offering of content.

Mastering Python  Reactjs Essentials  Responsive Web Design


Beginning Docker  Mastering JavaScript


Python Machine Learning by Sebastian Raschka

If you want to take your data to the next level then implementing machine learning into your workflow is essential. In this book, author Sebastian Raschka covers topics such as compressing data, model evaluation, and a roadmap for building machine learning systems.

React.js Essentials by Artemij Fedosejev

Learn how to use the fastest web user interface library to build, maintain, and deploy user interfaces with React.js. With a hands-on and practical approach which includes worked examples and code samples for you to use, React.js Essentials shows you how to create your project’s structure, how to build elements and components, and how to test applications.

Beginning Docker by Jeff Lindsay and Donald Simpson

If you want to learn Docker but don’t know where to start, this brand new video series is the ideal course for you. With hands-on guidance, you will learn to master Docker commands, share a container, and build docker files.

Responsive Web Design with HTML5 and CSS3, Second Edition by Ben Frain

In this recently released second edition, author Ben Frain covers new responsive hot topics such as Flexbox, CSS Level 4 selectors, and SVGs. He also provides a modern take on responsive standards such as media queries, responsive images, and typography.

Mastering JavaScript Design Patterns: A Practical Introduction to Building Better Applications by Alexandr Truhin

With the growth in full-stack JavaScript applications, it’s more important than ever to properly understand Javascript to allow you to build applications that can scale up and down to meet future demands. Mastering JavaScript Design Patterns shows you how to build a fully worked application that incorporates the design patterns you need to build more maintainable and functional applications with JavaScript.

For More Packt Titles in Safari

You can also check out this new list in Safari which includes a selection of Packt’s latest and more popular titles covering a wide-range of topics. The Safari blog also recently published “Exploring Python’s New Asynchronous Statements and Expressions” by Daniel Arbuckle, another Packt author. 


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