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This has been a great year for astronomy buffs—from imaging Pluto to new Earth-like planets to a beautiful new look back at ourselves.  That’s why I’m so delighted to announce that NASA has selected Safari to provide custom training for their space and ground systems developers. The training, delivered through our Safari Tutorials platform, will help NASA engineers further their understanding of secure software and systems.

Secure Coding and Coding Standards

The “Secure Coding and Coding Standards” Tutorial distills essential content from top books and video courses in Safari’s extensive library. It gives learners the confidence to begin coding securely and provides them pointers to important resources to further advance their knowledge.

This Tutorial was hand-curated by Robert C. Seacord, noted security consultant and author of some of the best material on software security in the industry. Robert writes:

“Secure coding has been increasingly recognized as a critical discipline in the development of secure software systems. A tutorial is an effective way for developers to access the most important and timely information from leading industry experts.”

Start writing safer code—today

Browse all titles by Seacord available in Safari, and all of our coverage on software and hardware security.

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More about Tutorials

We’ve been partnering with many subject matter experts who have crafted Tutorials on anything from Big Data to Presentation Skills. Check out O’Reilly author Neal Ford’s hand-selected path on a journey From Developer to Architect. Or dive into an Introduction to Python, which I put together myself as a way to help our new developers or those transitioning from other languages learn more about the technology that powers Safari.

Get Tutorials for your business

To learn more about custom Safari Tutorials, reach out to our Director of Strategic Accounts, Mike Tuckerman, or to your Safari representative if you’ve got one. You can also always ping us on Twitter and we’ll get you started.

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