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You may recall that we launched Safari Tutorials a few months ago, with a handful of Beta Tutorials for you to check out. If you need a reminder (or if you’re new to Safari), our Tutorials are learning paths that help you get the most out of Safari by connecting you to the right content right away. We’ve hired experts to hand-select these learning paths through our library on topics that matter to you. (They’re like Safari courses, based on the content you already trust and love!)

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Well, thanks to your input and some additional elbow grease, we can now invite you to check out our new set of complimentary Tutorials. We’ve been partnering with many subject matter experts who have lovingly crafted Tutorials on anything from Big Data to Presentation Skills. Check out O’Reilly author Neal Ford’s hand-selected path on a journey From Developer to Architect. Or dive into an Introduction to Python by our very own Liza Daly.

Why are you still sitting here reading this? Head on over to Safari and check out Tutorials! Oh, and let us know what you think. We love it when you do that.


2 Responses to “Get the most out of Safari with our new Tutorials”

  1. Eihab

    Hi Jennie,
    What is the main difference in following the tutorial from reading an actual book? And if following a tutorial mean that to do actual programming, will we see any Java tutorials in the near future?
    Thank you

    • Jennifer Gaspar

      Sorry for the delayed reply! The main difference is that a Tutorial is a path that an expert has hand-selected across multiple Safari titles. So as opposed to a single book by one author on a subject, a Tutorial helps you save time by helping you navigate through what an expert has chosen as some of the “best bits and pieces” on a particular topic area across both media types and authors. We started with a Tutorial on an Introduction to JavaScript, but do not yet have one on Java. But I’ll add your request to our topic suggestion list!