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For nearly 15 years, Safari has helped technologists solve real-world problems and master their craft. Almost every software engineer or IT administrator can point to technical books that were formative in their careers (mine was Programming Perl), and we’re proud that many of those people read those books using Safari.

But people learn technology in many more ways than just from books these days, and we’ve changed with the times, by adding tens of thousands of hours of video courses, exclusive conference sessions, and even audio books. With leading titles in business, communications, management, design, marketing, leadership, sales, and operations, we’ve got something for everyone in your organization—not just the IT department.

Starting in July 2014 we began offering a new product
, designed from the ground up to serve a broader audience and to adapt itself to each individual. If you’re a Java developer and you use Safari actively, the product will learn your preferences and surface ever more relevant content to you. If you’re in sales and use Safari to improve your skills in communication, leadership, and negotiation, you’ll forget we ever were “just a tech resource.”

One thing we haven’t changed is the original “blue” Safari Books Online for any current customer. Although we’re excited about where we’re going with the reimagined Safari, if you’re happy with our “classic” product, you’re free to keep using it. If you’re already a “classic blue” Safari Books Online customer and want to try out the new version, you can—just start a free trial and cancel your legacy account when you’re ready to switch.

We know you’re trying to find the most useful and interesting content, so here are a few of the ways the new Safari does that:

Integrated Text, Video Training, Conference, and Audio Content

Unlike most other online training companies, we offer a diverse range of perspectives and content types to suit a variety of learning styles. We believe truly mastering a subject means understanding more than just one expert’s opinion on the matter, and that’s why we offer you the choice of many different points of view. We know (because we have the data to back it up) that very few people only watch video courses or only read books or only watch conference sessions. Nearly everyone who joins Safari uses a mix of all the types of content we provide; for example, an engineering manager might need to quickly skim a list of useful performance-review phrases at their desk, but want to take a deep dive into a video course about Android over the weekend and then listen to a conference keynote on the commute to work Monday morning.

Text, video, and audio content is presented together within recommendation pages and search results. For text content, we also show you estimated reading times to help you plan your time investment and track your progress, just like you’re already used to with video and with audio books.

Personalized Recommendations

We’re all growing familiar with recommendations from services like Netflix and Spotify, but today there aren’t a lot of good options for discovering useful professional content based on your specific interests and history. The most relevant part for you might be a single chapter, clip, or conference talk, not necessarily a whole book or training course.

Based on topics you’ve selected, your own usage behavior, and what’s popular among millions of our other users, we recommend courses, chapters, books, clips, and conference sessions. We also present recommendations categorized by time commitment, so if you’ve got 15 minutes waiting for a train, we’ll help you fill that time with something to make you smarter.

Screen Shot 2015-07-07 at 3.30.43 PM

Safari for iOS and Android

We’ve also created brand-new native apps for iOS and Android that allow unlimited offline use of book and video content. The apps are designed from the ground up to seamlessly integrate with your Safari Queue (our version of a “reading list”), and as the year goes on will continue to be enhanced with search and content-organization features.


Screenshots of searching in the app.


We believe that mastering a subject means learning across several points of view, and we know our users rely on a variety of content types to deliver that information. We also know that you may not have a lot of time on your hands to be able to pinpoint the best set of content on your own. That’s why we’ve been developing Safari Tutorials, hand-curated learning paths that serve up “just the right bits and pieces” on targeted topics across Safari titles and authors. We provide the subject matter experts who hand-select the learning paths, you provide the continuous drive to learn new concepts, or topics that matter to your day-to-day work. We are on the verge of launching more Tutorials in the coming days, so stay tuned!



What’s Ahead

We’re proud of what we’ve already built, but we’re incredibly excited about what’s ahead for Safari. Here’s a few of the things we’re looking at:

  • Adding a broader range of non-traditional content, including articles, audiobooks, and high-quality independently published works
  • Features to help you make the most of Safari within your organization
  • Shared “playlists” of content

Stay tuned to our blog or follow us on Twitter for more details, and let us know what you think!


38 Responses to “Safari in a Nutshell: Our “One Year” Anniversary”

  1. Andy Dent

    I’m confused. What are you offering to existing Safari users?

    “If you’re already a Safari Books Online customer and want to try out the new version, you can”

    That first link takes you to which seems to be a discount on the existing Safari.

    • Jennie Rose Halperin

      Great question!
      If you’re already a new Safari subscriber, you will get a discount if you resubscribe for the year tomorrow and Thursday.

      • Scott

        Do I need to cancel my old membership of I sign up for a new one or does it convert?


        • Scott Cipriano

          Hi Scott,

          Looks like you don’t have an account yet with our new product (Safari). The best way forward is to signup with the new product ( and then cancel your old account. If you have any difficulties please let us know at support[at] and we would be happy to help.


      • Jonathan

        Please would you clarify: Is this a one-time discount (ie. pay $199 for the coming year and then rolling $399/year)? Or is this an offer of rolling $199/year for as long as subscription is held?

        • Scott Cipriano

          Hi Jonathan,

          This offer is $199 for as long as your subscription is held. You will see $199 in year 2 as long as you stay active. Any other questions please feel free to ask.


    • Gadi

      I’ve just subscribed to the new platform. From my first look it’s a much better platform than the older one.
      It’s really a learning environment and not just an online bookshelf, and for a good price, although you do need to commit for an annual subscription.

  2. Sol Reynolds

    When I try to purchase the special it says my email is already registered and to sign in. Are there special directions for existing users?

  3. Jayson DeLancey

    I too am a long-time safari customer and want to upgrade. When I go to the subscribe link ( provided in a previous comment I can’t login with my regular username/password. I don’t see the deal available when I login to my account and try to change my subscription. The other link goes to the sign up as a new user.

    Thanks for any tips — I realize it was just announced so maybe it’ll all be worked out soon.

  4. David

    I’ve been a Safari Books Online subscriber since 2006.
    To upgrade to new Safari I followed the link on the mail I’ve received and signed up as a *new* user in Safari.
    Is that enought? Could you check I’ve done correctly?.
    Do I have to cancel my old account to finish the upgrade?

    Thanks a lot and keep doing that amazing work.

  5. Krzysztof Grzeslo

    Hi Safari team,

    I try to upgrade my account as well, but none of the options provided in the comments above work. I also do not see any upgrade option with a discount when I log in to my account.

  6. Harleen


    I am currently subscribed to the old Safari. I’m thinking of upgrading to the new Safari, but I have a few questions.

    I’m seeing that it says to cancel my old subscription and sign up for the new safari. So does this mean I will lose all my bookmarks, folders and saved books I have?

    Does new Safari contain all the old Safari’s library?

    My final question is what would I be losing from the old Safari by switching to the new Safari? This might be a redundant to my first question, but if there are any additional information, I would like to know.

    Thank you,

    • Scott Cipriano

      Hi Harleen,

      Some good news and some bad on these two questions. The good news is the new product and the old product have virtually the same library. There is a small amount of really old titles we didn’t bring over. More details

      As for transferring personal details (bookmarks, folders, etc.) from the old platform, unfortunately we don’t have a great process for that quite yet. Apologies for the difficulties there. Any other questions please let us know.


  7. Peter Lewis

    Is the 50% annual discount only for a year or for the lifetime of the membership will it be 50% off next year if i continue. I am currently on a 5 slot bookshelf at the moment £9.99 a month.

    • Scott Cipriano

      Hi Peter,

      For this promotion this discount applies for as long as you are an active customer ie. the price will not rise in year 2, 3 etc. as long as you stay a subscriber. Any other questions please let us know.


  8. Jeanne Carkeek


    If I signup for the trial, will I be able to get the $199/year price during the trial period.

    As an existing Blue subscriber, is there any way to convert short of waiting for a call from one of your reps?

    Will I be paying for two subscriptions, until I cancel the old one? Probably so, but will I have any grace period to transfer details for the old to the new?

    Can you extend the 48 hours to 96 hours, so some of these confusions you have caused have a little longer to be worked out and handled by your staff>

    Thank you,
    Jeanne Carkeek

  9. Jennie Rose Halperin

    Hi Jeanne,

    You can try out the product for the next 36 hours and see if you like it before deciding if you want to make the switch to the new product, but the promotion is 48 hours long. We don’t ask for any payment details during the trial, so you won’t have to pay for both at the same time.

    The link to update your account to new Safari is here. If you need any of your details transferred that don’t seem to have moved with you, please get in touch with our support staff and someone will resolve the issue very quickly.


    • Scott Cipriano

      No need for tokens on new Safari. You get unlimited offline access to content in the Safari Queue Android and iOS apps. Enjoy!

  10. Guy

    The first step in your process to upgrade is to cancel my old subscription. However, when I started to do that it says that you don’t offer refunds for any remaining time on my old subscription. Since I renew in December, it sounds like I will lose about 1/2 of what I payed for last years subscription. Is that correct? Is there any way to get that applied to the new subscription?


    • Scott Cipriano

      Hi Guy,

      Sorry for the confusion. If you don’t mind logging a ticket with our support team ( we will get you upgraded properly. We certainly don’t want to make you pay for a bunch of access you won’t be using. Any other questions please let us know. Thanks for writing.


    • Scott Cipriano

      Hi Richard,

      The $199 does not include VAT. Sorry that wasn’t explicitly clear from this page. Any other questions please let us know.


  11. Franco

    Our library has a subscription, is there a difference between the individual subscription and what our library offers?
    What can I ask my librarian to see what the subscription features offered are?


    • Scott Cipriano

      Hi Franco,

      Your library most likely has our Classic product. Some of the changes in the new product are outlined in this blog post. The TL;DR is both applications have roughly the same content but the new product is an all new UI and has unlimited use native applications. Hope this helps. Any other questions please feel free to ask.


  12. Dave

    Hello Support Staff,
    I am in the same boat as “Guy” above, in that I have 5 months left on my current classic annual subscription and would like to convert. The /subscribe link knows that I have an account in the old system, but gives me no option to convert (gives link to login into old system).



  13. Luc

    I’ve always used Safari books from the library, but I’ve decided to get an individual subscription because I think that you’re doing a great job in spreading the knowledge and that future development should be supported.

    It’s not clear to me the licensing terms. I have an iPad at home and an iPhone on the road. Should I be able to use Queue on both devices, or do I have to ‘sign out’ on one and ‘sign in’ on the other?

    • Liza Daly

      You can use Queue on as many simultaneous devices as you like!

  14. Phildani

    I see the subscription is still $199? Is the offer extended? If I subscribe now will I be charged the same for the consecutive years too?

    Sorry I missed the offer dates.

  15. Todd Steven

    How do you find audio books, all the filter allows is books and video.