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We’ve taken the Android version of Safari Queue out of beta, and it is now available for everyone in the Google Play Store. The Android version of Queue is the newest addition to our lineup of native apps, joining the recently launched iOS version.

The Safari Queue app syncs with your new Safari queue, granting you offline access to books and videos. In previous apps, we’ve imposed limits on the number of items you could read/watch offline, but with Safari Queue, we’ve removed those restrictions. Many of our customers asked us to give them the freedom to read and watch things offline, so this app was designed to support as many titles as your device can hold.

Safari Queue, Android

Safari Queue and a Daily Habit of Learning

With Safari Queue, the books and videos that you most care about are always with you, regardless of your network connectivity. Many of us at Safari have commutes to the office that invariably include spots of no connectivity, so Queue comes in really handy. We use Queue to help us create a keep a daily habit of learning, and we hope you will too.

Besides support for offline, Queue offers:

  • A beautiful, distraction-free reading/viewing interface
  • Automatic position syncing between the Android app, iOS app, and the new Safari website
  • Full-screen video playback that automatically advances to your next downloaded clip (also works well with audio books)
  • A user interface that adheres to the design principles behind Lollipop, the latest version of Android

The app is fully functional during trial, which is free for 10 days.

We are fully committed to improving your experience with Android Queue. In the coming months, expect to see frequent updates and many improvements. If you have feedback or feature requests, please consider dropping a note in our community forum. Several of us from Safari watch the forum closely, so I hope to see you there.

Thank You to Our Beta Testers

Taking Queue out of beta is a big step, and it wouldn’t have been possible without the help of our beta testers in the Safari Queue G+ community group. The beta program ran for several months, and in the end, nearly 2,500 of you installed and used the app.

Even though the beta program is ending, the community group will remain open, and as the app matures, we’ll test new features in beta builds while continuing to consider your feedback more generally.

We are especially grateful for your support during this beta phase because, without your help, we never would have been able to test against the huge diversity of Android versions and devices, which you can see in these charts from the Google Play Developer Console.

Android versions and devices

The “others” category of Android devices is particularly telling!

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