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One of the big challenges our customers are asking us to help them solve is developing a new generation of leaders and managers — especially those moving from technology into their first leadership roles. Many of those managers are literally part of the next generation. Millennials are now a plurality in the workforce, and as a group value (and expect) training and development support from their employer (obligatory Mary Meeker reference below).


So when we first met Kate Matsudaira and Popforms through her work co-chairing the 2013 Cultivate conference (produced by Safari’s parent company, O’Reilly Media), we really admired the Popforms approach to helping self-starters and new leaders take charge of their careers with bite-sized and actionable tools — and we weren’t surprised at all to learn they were fielding a lot of interest from corporate customers.

A conversation that started initially as a content partnership developed into something deeper as we got to know more about Popforms and realized what a great complement their training tools were to Safari’s collection of top-quality video courses, ebooks, and conference videos.

I’m thrilled to announce that we’ve acquired Popforms, and will begin offering their career-development tools to Safari customers.

While much of the Popforms content will only be available to Safari members (start your free trial today), right now we’re offering five of the most popular email courses for free:

  1. Speak at a Conference – An Intro to Pitching and Public Speaking
  2. Getting Stuff Done: Productivity Bootcamp
  3. How To Learn From Mistakes and Embrace Positivity
  4. Tame Your Email – Your Guide To Achieving Inbox Zero
  5. How To Overcome And Manage Your Stress

At Safari, we believe everyone deserves a remarkable career, and we’re excited to be adding this new set of tools to help you get there!

Read the full press release here.


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