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I’ve been on a video kick lately — and Safari has some terrific clips on innovation.

Five recommendations:

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  1. Big Think Innovation Channel: Addressing the Innovation Challenge in Today’s Economy: This collection taps into the inventor in us all.  Features an all-start cast, including Clayton Christensen, Peter Thiel, and Jason Fried, among many others.
  2. Racing Change: Accelerating Innovation Through Radical Transparency: Engaging look at how Open Source is remaking engineering and innovation at PayPal.
  3. Making Business Model Innovation More of a (Data) Science: Superb insights on data’s role in transforming business model innovation from an art to a science.
  4. Catalyze Innovation: Harvard Business School Professor Teresa Amabile on how managers can unleash innovation on their teams. It begins with giving employees clarity and autonomy.
  5. Disrupt an Industry: This short video featuring Elon Musk takes us inside the bold plans of SpaceX as a model of disruption innovation.


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