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“We often assume that a complicated problem must have a complicated solution.” – More Fearless Change: Strategies for Making Your Ideas Happen

Last week, I woke up early to get on the phone with a client in Manhattan.
daily learning in new york

She told me her teams don’t read email, and she needs a new way to spread the word about what daily learning resources are available to them.

I asked her: “If they’re not communicating with email, what are they doing to encode and decode transmissions, (a.k.a. communicate)?”

Hipchat,” she said.

Well, this is convenient, I thought. Here at Safari, we’re hip with the chat too. And we even have a HipChat room dedicated to sharing what we’re reading and watching on Safari. Since we’ve built our recommendations room, we’ve seen significant improvement of employee engagement.

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So, as a special favor for my newest client, and anyone else who loves using Hipchat for getting the word out – here’s how to make a HipChat room for daily learning in under 10 minutes.

Or, just forward this to that smart gal/guy on your team who manages the HipChat administration, and they’ll know what to do.

 Make room for daily learning

Create a room and name it:

daily learning room add new                         Safari books daily learning room






Open up a new chat and at the bottom you’ll see a button to “Create a New Room”. Our Hipchat room is open, but you can select private or open.

Select a name that fits with your company’s style. Here are a few ideas for room names to get your creativity bubbling: Learning Lab, The Habit, The Library, Recommendations Room, Today On Safari, LearnedTheHipWay.

Invite the Team

Invite Daily learning participantsAdd the people that have Safari to the room. (We all get an account here – lucky us!). If you’re not sure who has an account on your team, ask your Safari account administrator at your company or your account manager.

Invite them via HipChat, but also send a formal announcement. This formal announcement should explain what the room is intended for (a place to share daily learning) and why it’s there (to help promote personal and professional growth).

Set up Twitter Hipchat integration

Set up a Twitter feed like @safaribot to auto-feed recommendations into the room.

Daily learning twitter feed

Add the @safaribot Twitter feed that suggests new and popular books and videos on Safari. Do this in HipChat by selecting “integrations” in your room and follow the prompts – it is easy peasy.

Word to the wise, you must already have a Twitter account to log in and enable the settings.

Twitter integrate Hipchat confirmHipchat will send a message to your room to test if the integration worked. (See the screenshot with the Office Space guy? That’s the notification I got).  Now you’re ready. Next time @safaribot tweets on Twitter it will automatically feed into your daily learning lab. But, keep in mind you don’t have to use our Twitter handle. There are virtually endless options to add content from the web.

Try adding the @wired magazine feed to keep your team fresh on tomorrow’s trends, or add some intellect with @nytimesbooks reviews, author profiles and more.

Keep it going

Daily learning room contentYour daily learning room is up-and-running. At first you may get an overwhelming amount of participation.  You may, however, start hearing HipCrickets…. yeah okay, it’s a stretch.

Set a goal to share one thing per day, or three things per week. Here are some other ideas to keep daily learning alive:

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  1. Ask your company experts for their personal recommendations.     What titles are your CEO or CIO reading or watching this month?
  2. Designate or ask for a volunteer room admin for the month, quarter, year that can guide discussions or keep conversations moving forward.
  3. Invite your coworkers, but make sure they have a Safari seat first. Not sure? Ask your Safari admin or account manager.
  4. Schedule a monthly open discussion or get a good-old-fashioned book club going. You’ll be like the Tim O’Reilly of book clubs – making a “Book Club 2.0”.
  5. Ask open discussion questions, because yes or no questions don’t promote discussions.
  6. Pick titles that will appeal to a broad audience. So maybe a title like “Pragmatic Thinking and Learning,” may appeal to more than your programmers.

In a nutshell, this is one of many things you can do to help foster daily learning habits in your team.

I’d like to hear your thoughts on daily learning in the workplace, or what else we can add to our HipChat room for daily learning. Please leave me a comment, or reach out to me @Safari_Jenni.

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Thank you!

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