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Searching Safari Queue (iOS)

We’ve just added search to the latest version of Safari Queue. You can now search Safari’s collection of over 30,000 books and videos right from the app.

Screenshot from Safari Queue with an arrow pointing out the new search button

Sort by date added to Safari or publication date, and filter on media type. Finally, add search results to your queue for reading and watching offline.

Screenshots of searching in the app.

Safari Queue Android beta program

If you’re using an Android device, consider joining 2,500 other Safari customers in the Queue beta program. All it takes is a G+ account and then you can request access to the G+ community. Once you’re in, you’ll get access to the app with unlimited support for offline books and videos.

If you’re already in the beta, thank you! Your feedback has been incredibly helpful.

New in books and videos

We’re working to expand and diversify our collection of books and videos. Here are some recent highlights:

Safari loves PyCon and Python

Several of us at Safari just attended and sponsored PyCon. Here are some great new titles on our favorite programming language:

We publish an updated list of new content every day on our website. Follow @safaribot to keep up with the latest.

Curated learning paths with Tutorials

In case you missed it, we just last month launched Tutorials to all users.

Screenshot of three tutorials

We have a sampling of Tutorial topics available now, such as running an agile team or holding better meetings. In the works are Tutorials on a wide range of topics, such as Angular, microservices, unstructured data, functional programming with Haskell, innovation, investing, and photography. All of these Tutorials will be created from excerpts of books and videos that you can access now.

Thank you to everyone who has helped test Tutorials and spoken with us about their experiences.

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