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New ways to find your next book or video

Safari’s collection of books and videos is huge, so we’re always looking to create new ways for you to explore. As you know from last month’s update, we’ve been enhancing our Twitter bot and listing newly published content every day. This month, we’ve added two new ways for you to find what you’re looking for.


We’re proud to announce our new topics pages, available now. Here’s a preview:

A screen shot of the Safari topics pages, showing several book and video covers.

As heavy users of Safari ourselves, we’re excited about the utility of this new way of exploring Safari’s offerings. Just look at those gorgeous covers.


Everyone loves lists, so we’ve curated some of the best Safari has to offer:

Take the tour

We’ve added a simple and (we hope) unobtrusive tour to Safari. The tour explains how some of the features work on the site. For example, queueing is an important part of the Safari experience.

The tour explains how the queue works.

New customers to Safari will see the tour automatically. Existing customers can trigger it any time via the Settings page, as explained in the next section.

More control over your experience

Many Safari customers have requested more control over features like highlighting and keyboard shortcuts, so we’ve made a few changes to the Settings page.

The settings page has options to adjust highlighting, trigger the tour, or toggle on keyboard shortcuts.

From this page, you can also reset the tour so that it will trigger the next time you visit the home page.

The latest in mobile apps

We continue to make progress with our iOS and Android apps.

Safari Queue for iOS

Version 1.2.2 in the app store includes a number of new features and improvements. We’re most excited by how highlighting has evolved. In this latest version, when you make a highlight, you’ll see a new button on the chrome of the reading interface.

highlight icon

Use that button to bring up a list of all your highlights from that book. Navigate to a highlight by tapping on it.

highlight list

We have lots more coming on the iOS Queue app.

Safari Queue for Android

The Safari Queue beta now includes full support for offline books and videos. The beta is public, so if you’re interested in trying it out, join the G+ group today. Here’s a couple of screenshots of the app today.

android app

Just around the corner

Lastly, stay tuned to our blog and within Safari in the coming weeks as we roll out a limited-time Beta experiment. Code word: Tutorials.

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