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Content highlights this month

January highlights for new books, conference videos, technical courses, and audio books:

And so much more

More books and videos are published to Safari every day, so we’ve been working on new ways for you to track the influx of new material. Most recently, we’ve added to the Explore section of the corporate site an ongoing list:

A screen shot showing a list of recently added titles.

Easier access to your books and videos

We made a small but welcome change to logged in sessions. Once you’ve logged into your account, you will be redirected automatically to your home page from our main corporate site. Previously, if you navigated to the corporate site, you were forced to log in again.

Safaribot lives!

We’ve been improving our favorite Twitter bot. Follow Safaribot to keep up with the newest books and videos added to the site and learn about titles that are trending in popularity or reader engagement. For example:

Look for Safaribot and its recommendations to evolve in the coming weeks.

Native app developments

Android beta is a go

Customers who have joined the Google+ group now have access to the beta version of our Android app. The app syncs with your Safari queue and allows unlimited offline access. Here’s a screen shot of my queue:

Screen shot of the Safari Queue app running on a Nexus device.

The current beta is limited in its functionality, but beta testers can look forward to frequent updates.

iOS gets highlighting and more

Meanwhile, in January, we released two updates to the iOS version of Safari Queue, which included a number of new features. Check out the details of version 1.1 in this blog post. Version 1.2 is now available in the iTunes Store.

Advanced search

Jen was so excited about this new feature that she published a separate post about it (she scooped me!). So I’ll just tantalize you with a screen shot and encourage you to read Jen’s post and then give it a try.

Screen shot of a faceted search query for algorithms

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