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The design team at Safari is looking to add another person to our growing group. We’re looking for someone who will provide cover for Loz and myself as we tackle larger design-related initiatives at Safari, as well as general support for design-and-communications-related needs across the company. This is a junior role, so it’s best suited for someone who is just starting out, and wants to work at a place where they can learn from other, more seasoned designers, as well as collaborate with a wide-ranging and multi-disciplinary collection of remarkable individuals.

One of my favorite things about working at Safari is just how open and eager to teach many of my colleagues are. I’ve learned more working at Safari about design and technology than I have at any of my previous jobs, by a large margin. For example, last year I got my first “OMG I get it now!” moment with Sass when one of our front end developers pinged me on HipChat out of the blue on a Friday afternoon: “Hey, you busy? Wanna learn some cool Sass stuff?” Two hours later, I knew kung-fu, and was pushing sassy css to production.

Our Junior Designer would be thrust into that kind of environment: fast-moving and dynamic. But we’re not just looking for an automaton who will go heads down and execute on whatever we tell them to—we want people who have opinions and who speak up, who become an integral part of our design-and-product-related conversations.

A strong portfolio of interaction design work is a must, of course, but we’re also looking for people who have some knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript (we’re very +1 on designing in the browser, and increasingly so as time goes on). We’re also very interested to talk to people who have motion design chops.

Since the design team is distributed (NYC and Barcelona), we’re generally looking for remote workers—but we’re happy to talk to people who would prefer to work in one of our offices in Boston, MA; Tempe, AZ; or Sebastopol, CA.

If you think you have the chops, and are interested in applying, check out the full application.


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