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Yesterday, we posted about Safari Queue, our new iOS application. Fundamental to the app is the notion that it syncs with your “queue,” a feature that is part of new Safari. Queuing is integrated throughout the Safari experience, but it may not be clear exactly what it does. What is the queue? Why would you want to use it?

Save it for later

When you queue a book or video, you are saving it for later. Each time you tap or click the queue icon, the book or video is saved in your queue, where you can reference it whenever you want.

As we explained yesterday, queuing items also makes them available in our new iOS application, appropriately named Safari Queue.

Look for the stack icon

You can queue just about everywhere in Safari: the home page, recommendations, search results, table of contents, even the reading/viewing interface itself. Anywhere that you see the “stack” icon is an opportunity for queuing. For example, the familiar title card allows you to queue by tapping or clicking in the upper right corner.

An animated gif showing the queuing interaction. Tapping or clicking the icon displays a message that confirms the item has been queued.

Personally, I find myself queueing a lot from two places in Safari. First, I often queue from search results.

Queuing from search results. Tapping or clicking on the queue icon shows a confirmation message.

But even more often, I queue from what we internally call the “title detail page.” I like to queue from this overview page because I can first read the summary and preview the table of contents.

Animated gif showing queuing from a book detail page. The image shows  a book cover and associated metadata. Below the metadata is a queue icon. Once clicked or tapped, the user sees a confirmation message that the book has been added to the queue.

Queuing tips

Now that you know the basics of queueing, you may be curious about some of the particulars:

  • Your most recently queued book or video will always appear at the top of your queue.
  • Once you’ve queued something, the queue icon will appear in a “lit” (orange) state, which will persist throughout the Safari web application.
  • Your queue syncs with the iOS app for both adding and removing books and videos.
  • You can queue individual chapters or video clips, or you can queue entire books and videos. Regardless of whether you queue a single chapter/clip or the whole book/video, the entire contents from that title will be available in the iOS app.

At Safari, we’ve found that queuing is a great addition to how we use and learn from the resources in our library. And now with an iOS app (and an Android app on the way!) that automatically syncs with the queue, the feature has never been more useful. Give the queue a try and let us know how it fits into your Safari experience.

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2 Responses to “Getting the Most Out of Our New iOS App, Safari Queue”

  1. James Urry

    When you launched safari books online one of your marketing pieces made a big deal of iOS, android and windows apps being developed. I signed up for an annual subscription on the back of this however you no longer mention windows apps at all. What are the plans for this? I have a worrying suspicion that you are abbandoning plans to support your windows 8 and windows phone customers.

    • Scott Cipriano

      Hi James,

      Sorry for the confusion. We are still planning on an app for Windows phone. We are going to start on it shortly after we have a stable Android release available which should be in the next couple months. Thanks for your interest. We will keep the blog updated with progress.