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 New in Editorial & Discovery

  • Editorial highlights include lots of resources for Swift, fresh for iOS8; Sean Ellis and Morgan Brown’s Growth EnginesJason Gilmore’s Easy Active Record for Rails Developers and Film School in a Box.
  • More than 250 new books were added to Safari in October. From Jason Santa Maria’s On Web Typography to a vast swathe of the Pragmatic Bookshelf catalog, we are adding new titles every day. As of today, there are 28,209 titles in the library.
  • We added over 36 video titles in October, on popular topics such as certification training in systems, CCNP, and engineering, and multiple videos on iOS Swift, a topic so new there are few other training resources on the internet.
  • The entire Velocity NY and OSCON conference videos are now available, just weeks after the conferences wrapped! Velocity is a must-see for anyone interested in scaling web properties, systems engineering, and performance optimization. OSCON remains the premiere conference for open source software, from Ruby to Python to Linux.
  • We now have over 50 audiobooks on a variety of (mostly-business) topics. Discover your inner CEO.
  • For everyone who still misses Google Reader, we’ve added RSS and Atom feeds for all new titles added to Safari.
  • Have you seen our Explore page? This shows new titles, staff picks, highlights and trending searches and topics. You can also see some very cool pages showing off sub-topics for many of the most popular topics (you can also read about how we created these pages).
  • We have added five new categories: Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Social Media, Product Management, and Leading Teams.

New in Search

  • We have just rolled out one of our most-requested features, search inside the book. There is more to come on this, but you can now limit your search to the title you are currently viewing and perform the same search across the whole of Safari from within the reading UI.
  • You can now re-sort your searches by date added to Safari. While “recently published” is important, you told us you wanted to see what has been added that may not have just been published this week.
  • Lots of other, ongoing search improvements: we have a team of people working on search full-time, so this will continue to get better and better. We know this is one of the most valuable things we can do to make Safari work for you.

New in Native Apps

  • We are close to submitting a release candidate to Apple! Safari Queue is a companion app that will offline any books and videos in your Queue. Find out more about Safari Queue
  • In the meanwhile we have launched an extended beta programme now that Apple has opened access to Testflight. Email us if you want to join.
  • Work has also begun on the Android app. Follow us on Twitter (@safari) to get news about the Android beta.

New in Data

Misc updates

  • We’ve made a ton of improvements on the performance of the site, reducing some nasty 500 errors and dramatically reducing page payload and response times.
  • Did you see our live streaming of the Strata and Velocity conferences, in association with Cloudera and O’Reilly? If so, let us know what you think and if you want to see more of this
  • We’ve also rolled out self-registration for small teams

Customer feedback is one of our biggest signals for the roadmap, so if you have feature requests please add them in the comments or email us your thoughts. We always want to speak with customers, so if you have time for a more in-depth chat, just let us know that too.


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