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Here at Safari, we’ve been incredibly excited all week by our involvement in President Obama’s ConnectED initiative.

The best part of the ConnectED announcement, to me, is how this initiative lays a foundation for the kinds of resources my daughter will have available to her when she starts going to school some years from now. Who knows what the landscape will look like then, but ConnectED is an important step, for all organizations involved. As a parent, of course I want to give my daughter the opportunity to grow into a more intelligent, more capable human being than I am, and I take great pride in being part of an organization that believes in these same ideas. By bringing together our respective talents, we can change the way our kids (and millions of others!) learn and become more awesome.

At O’Reilly Media and Safari, working on things that matter is part of our company DNA. We strive to have a lasting impact beyond just improving the financial bottom line. I think our participation in the ConnectED initiative goes a long way toward achieving that goal.

Here’s to a bright future.



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