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In reviewing customer feedback, we’ve come to appreciate just how important it is that Flow offers a large, diverse, and growing selection of books and videos. We’re glad to receive that feedback because we built Flow to recommend an unending and evolving stream of content on our favorite topics. At Safari, we’re lucky enough to partner with some of the best publishers in the world, and in 2014, we’ll be adding more content more often so that the “flow” never stops.

Over the past week, we’ve added over three thousand new books and videos to Flow, many of them published in 2013 and early 2014. This latest batch of books and videos includes the kind of technical content you’ve come to expect from Safari. Read and watch on topics such as programming (including Java, C++, .NET, and Python), data science, DevOps, system administration, networking, Linuxmobileweb development and operationsinformation architecture, and sales development.

In addition to books and videos on technical topics, we’ve added over six hundred business-related titles, on topics such as startups and entrepreneurship, strategy for growth, web analytics, time management, distribution management, customer development, and sales and marketing to name just a few.

These new titles are just the beginning. We’ll be adding new books and videos on an ongoing basis. And in the coming weeks, we’ll be adding to Flow new and better ways to sort books and videos so that you can find the newest stuff easier. As always, we’d love to hear your opinion, so send your feature or content requests our way via email or Twitter.


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