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One of the most common questions we hear at Popforms is a variation on, “I am in a leadership position for the first time, and I have no idea if what I am doing is right. Can you help me get on the right track?”

Why do we hear this question so much? We happen to know from experience — it’s because being a manager for the first time is *scary*. There is a whole new set of expectations for what you’ll accomplish, and not only that, but now there’s a group of people depending on you to help them be successful.

And the problem new managers face again and again is that there is no rulebook for being a manager. What works for one person won’t work for another, and what is standard procedure at one company would slam on the brakes at another. A lot of this job is trial and error, and most experienced managers will tell you that they are still working on becoming a really great leader.

But while becoming a manager is a journey, it’s not one you have to take alone.

Why we wrote The New Manager Guide: A Four Step How-To For New Managers To Own Their New Role

Even though every workplace and every team is different, there are some management principles that are true across the board. If you can go into your first day of work confident in your abilities to carry out four key skills that we have defined, you’ll be able to get up to speed and be the best manager you can be faster.

In our book, we outline these four key skills that every manager, to be successful, will need to master:

  • managing up
  • managing down
  • setting team vision
  • creating a feedback loop

Every chapter ends with a set of exercises designed to help you turn what you just learned into a practical, realistic plan you can start using that same day. We wrote our best strategies (based on experience and lots of research) and share our top tips, hacks, and suggestions for making the most of your new position.

Being a new manager is hard, and we want to help make it  a little bit easier. (And we think even experienced managers might enjoy the book too — get refreshed on some of the core functions of your job and use our exercises to create simple action plans!)

The announcement about the New Manager Guide went out first to our launch list, which is where we share most of our Popforms news before we share it with the public.

And the good news about this guide is — when you sign up to receive it, you’ll also join our Popforms launch list where we send weekly tips and strategies for being more amazing at your job.

Of course, you can always unsubscribe after you get the ebook, but we’d ask that you stick with us for at least one launch list update and give us a chance to wow you. We work hard to make every email we send something that you are really glad you opened, and if you like our blog, you’ll probably like the launch list too.

We really hope you’ll try out the guide and we really hope you enjoy it!


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