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Welcome to session 5 of our Introductory Python “Bootcamp,” our week-long blog series that explores the key concepts behind this popular and flexible programming language.

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Bootcamp header- Intro to Python Day 5
Welcome to the home stretch!

Over the past four sessions, you have learned the fundamental building blocks of Python. In Session five, you will synthesize what you have learned in order to solve different real-world problems. We will introduce ways of working with databases and effective debugging, and focus on exercises that apply all of the concepts taught in sessions 1-4.

Putting it all together
Start with these short videos.

From Python Guide for the Total Beginner LiveLessons

From Quickstart Python

Test your mettle

Now try your hand at these capstone exercises from Learn Python the Hard Way.
Screen Shot 2013-12-11 at 10.17.53 PM

Congrats! You have successfully completed the Safari Flow Introductory Python Bootcamp! Job well done!
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    I came here looking for a django webapp that allows epub viewing (django epub app -> bookworm/treepress -> blog -> safariflow). Is that project still ongoing somewhere? Is bookworm usable?