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Welcome to session 3 – the halfway point – of our Introductory Python “Bootcamp,” our week-long blog series that explores the key concepts behind this popular and flexible programming language.

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In Session 2, we continued working with variables, control flow, and data structures to build a few simple apps, include a game called “Guess my number.” We also talked about “How to create a culture of shipping product continuously” and asked “Do we have the tools we need to navigate the new world of data?”.

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Ready to get started?

Bootcamp header- Intro to Python Day 3

In session 3, we are going introduce functions, classes, and object oriented programming (OOP), all cornerstones of Python.

Jump in the deep end

Start with these short videos.

From Python Guide for the Total Beginner LiveLessons

From Quickstart Python

Let’s start typing
Next, check out the following chapters from Python® Programming for the Absolute Beginner. Following along, you will build a word jumble, a game of hangman, and a tic-tac-toe application.

Practice more of what you learned with these exercises from Learn Python the Hard Way. (Pro tip: it’s not really hard!)

Get Inspired

Today, you’re learning Python. In a year from now you’re the CTO of your own startup. What do you need to know?

Operations 101, a five-video series developed by O’Reilly in partnership with Etsy, will give you a good introduction to tech operations. From troubleshooting outages to application level monitoring, this is a great primer on managing the technical operations of a growing company.
Too easy?

As you go through these exercises, you may realize that you need to go deeper in some topics. Here are some great reference chapters, all taken from O’Reilly’s Learning Python, 5th Edition.


That’s it for Session 3! Congrats you more than half way done!

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How are we doing?
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