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Welcome to session 2 of our Introductory Python “Bootcamp,” our week-long blog series that explores the key concepts behind this popular and flexible programming language.

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As a quick recap, in Session 1, we set up Python on your computer and covered a few key concepts like variables, control flow, and data structures. If you followed along with the exercises, you also would have designed a simple trivia program and started programming simple input/output applications. If you watched the inspirational talks, you also would have heard Tim O’Reilly reflect on “How I Failed” and listen to Kate Matsudaira explain “What *Do* You Do All Day?
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Ready to get started?
Bootcamp header- Intro to Python Day 2

Session 2 builds on the concepts introduced in yesterday’s videos.

Let’s warm up with Chapter 3 from Python® Programming for the Absolute Beginner – Branching, While Loops, and Program Planning – where you will program a simple application called “Guess My Number.”

Follow up this exercise with a few more from Learn Python the Hard Way.

Get Inspired

Today’s contextual videos tackle the ideas of culture and data. Hiten Shah of KISSmetrics tackles “How to create a culture of shipping product continuously” and Elain Wherry of Meeby gives her thoughts on “Cracking the culture code.” Dave Campbell of Microsoft questions “Do we have the tools we need to navigate the new world of data?

Too easy?

As you go through these exercises, you may realize that you need to go deeper in some topics. Here are some great reference chapters, all taken from O’Reilly’s Learning Python, 5th Edition.

That’s it for day two! If you run into any problems, let us know in the comments below.

How are we doing?
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