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Today you may be recovering from a Thanksgiving feast, or you may be out fighting the crowds, or even shopping online. So, we decided to compile our top five posts from November 2013. Join us as we count down some of our most read blog posts.

5. Creating an AngularJS Component–Jonnie Spratley shows how to create AngularJS chart components with the help of ChartJS, along with Yeoman, Grunt and Bower.
4. JavaScript Powered Arduino with Johnny-Five–Derick Bailey shows you how to use JavaScript to control the Arduino platform with the help of Rick Waldron’s Johnny-Five for NodeJS framework.
3. Spring MVC Tip: Returning JSON from a Spring Controller–Sebastiano Armeli-Battana shows you how to return objects directly converted into JSON using Spring MVC.
2. Parsing JSON in Objective-C using NSJSONSerialization–Umair Khan Jadoon shows how to implement the NSJSONSerialization class in iOS in order to use the delegate method, lifecycle, and to parse JSON data.
1. AngularJS Directives: Using HTML5 Web Speech–Jonnie Spratley shows in this post how to take advantage of Angular Directives in AngularJS, along with the The Web Speech API to create web applications with the ability to transcribe voice to text from the computer’s microphone.

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