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When Liza Daly, our VP of Engineering, announced this year’s “Blogathon” (30 days of employee-sourced blog posts), I was intrigued and excited. I’ve never written for a blog before and I really wanted to participate.

As much as I was thinking about it, I still couldn’t come up with a topic. For example, I love to bake and I really wanted to find a way to mix my discovery of “just the right amount of time to bake Twix Stuffed Brownies” into a pithy commentary on the importance of testing before release.


But after pointing and laughing at what went wrong, what’s next?

And then I was reminded by a co-worker (thanks BC!) that Safari Flow has a huge range of topics. It hit me: since I’ve never written a blog, maybe Flow can help. So I got to work researching how to write a blog post.

What I discovered was that we have books and chapters that could help me not only write my post, but that could also teach how to write specifically for the web, how to design a blog to make it more visually appealing, and even advanced moves like gathering analytics on the blog. Below are the bits I found most helpful, but there are many more that I didn’t include.


I started with Writing Blogs in Writing for the Web: Creating Compelling Web Content Using Words, Pictures and Sound by Lynda Felder. (I also found Chapter 7: Writing Succinct to be quite interesting as well.)

To sum it up: “Blogging as a way of life, challenge yourself to write often if not daily and tell a good story.”


Next up: Blog Design For Dummies by Melissa Culbertson.

To sum it up:  “Fonts and color evoke strong emotions, use them but be aware, be very aware.”


The last title I’m going to include for the blog is this Web Analytics 2.0: The Art of Online Accountability and Science of Customer Centricity by Avinash Kaushik.

To sum it up: You’ll notice I linked to the introduction. Web analytics fascinate me, so this is a title I will read from start to finish.

Turns out with Safari Flow’s help, writing a blog post is as easy as baking!


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