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When building Safari Flow, we invested a lot of time hand selecting each video and book to make sure everything was relevant, focused, and interesting. We picked and acquired the best titles, then individually uploaded each book and video into Flow. While the care that goes into curating our library won’t change, we spent the last few weeks scaling the process so we can do it faster.

We now have the tools to efficiently bring in hot new titles, respond quickly to new title requests from our users (when available), and selectively add some of the classics. To that end, we just added over 33,000 hours of new content — that’s more than 2,600 whole books and videos.

These new titles add or expand coverage in some of our most requested and most popular areas:

Here’s a breakdown of those 33,664 hours:

  • 132 Videos (3,332 clips) = 664 hours
  • 2,600 Books = 33,000 hours

Put another way, that’ll take you about 4 years of continuous learning if you never ate, slept, or worked (which is why we point to the best content for you on your recommendations page).

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To get you started, here are some of the new video clips and chapters that every web professional can learn from:

  • Hotel Elektra, from The Year without Pants (8 mins)
    Follow Scott Berkun as he goes behind-the-scenes as “old dog in a futuristic workplace” and tells the story of “a good team at a fascinating company” in his year at Automattic, the makers of, one of the largest sites on the internet.
  • Stephen Kaufer, Cofounder, TripAdvisor, from Founders at Work (35 mins)
    Learn how a single frustrating travel experience became the inspiration for one of the most trafficked sites on the web.
  • Erik Kettenburg – Founder, Digistump from Makers at Work (39 Minutes)
    The maker community is not only changing the way products are designed and developed, it is changing the way products are sold. With the rise in popularity of crowdfunding via Kickstarter, projects that may have been considered risky to bring to market are finding their way into people’s homes.
  • How connected companies learn, from The Connected Company (28 mins)
    A culture of knowledge-sharing is the key to building a company that learns as it grows. This chapter walks through the three levels of the “Growth Spiral” and shows you how to apply them at your own organization.
  • Web Flow – Mike Fiedler, from Web Operations 101 (18 mins)
    Filmed on location at Etsy, in this video Datadog Operations Engineer Mike Fiedler covers the gory details of what actually happens after you type in a URL and press Enter.


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