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There’s a quiet revolution going on in IT, highlighted in the recent book from IT Governance Publishing, The Quantum Age of IT by Charles Araujo. Charles believes that everything in IT is about to change. According to recent reviews the book has been getting, people are seeing his point.

“Charles has really nailed it for any executive struggling with IT strategy. How IT got here and where it’s going… An easy read, yet will get the creative juices flowing for any IT professional executive.”
Randy Steinberg, Principal — Migration Technologies

The book starts with a fascinating history of the way the IT industry has changed from the days of large, inflexible providers, through the innovative approaches from Google and Apple, and the rise of cloud services, to the place where we are now. The book then sets out Charles Araujo’s vision of the way that IT is going, and it makes fascinating, and at times uncomfortable, reading for IT professionals:

“A bracing indictment of IT dysfunction, and a well-informed discussion of promising avenues for IT improvement. I agree completely with Charlie that a systems approach is essential. Recommended”
Charles T. Betz,

Fortunately for the IT profession, Mr Araujo also gives guidance and suggests how IT professionals can make the most of this time of great change, which, as we know, is often a time of great opportunity.

“The role of IT has changed in a revolutionary way. Success in this new world order will require a new way of thinking and a new set of competencies. Charles Araujo helps his readers understand the need for change, as well as the ways that they must change in order to leverage this exciting opportunity”
Larry Bonfante, CIO USTA, Founder CIO Bench Coach

But what does the author mean by the Quantum Age of IT? In essence, it is about change: constant and continuous change in products, services, and customer requirements. And that means IT professionals must also learn to adapt, acquire new skills, and build systems that are flexible and forward looking.

“…inspiring, believable and concrete guidance that prepares the willing reader for the forthcoming journey.” review

And is the book’s message important? In the minds of at least one reviewer, there is no doubt:

‘Araujo’s easy-reading style belies the significance of his message. IT has changed fundamentally. Don’t get left behind.’
Mark Smalley, Ambassador at the not-for-profit ASL BiSL Foundation

Now that you know that everything you know about IT is about to change, what are you going to do about it?

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The Quantum Age of IT by Charles Araujo is published by IT Governance Publishing Ltd.
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