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Bleeding Edge Press, a publisher of short ebooks and videos, focuses on
early or hot topics that ride the pulse of the developer community. Moving
quickly through development, and tapping into decades of publishing
experience, these short ebooks focus on developer-level topics and are
being published in Safari Books Online, allowing subscribers to get their
“hands” on these hot topics. The ebooks will also be published on Amazon,
Google Play and the iBookstore.

Troy Mott, Co-founder and Publisher of Bleeding Edge Press, has benefited
from working closely with Adam Hyde (,
founder of the Book Sprint methodology ( “Zero
to book in 5 days. Seem impossible? Its not, its very possible, fun, and extremely
rewarding,” says Adam Hyde. “Book Sprints produce great books and they are a great
learning environment and team-building process.”

With some close mentoring from Adam Hyde, Troy has implemented mini remote
book sprints, creating short ebooks on a topic in a couple of days time.
“We are breaking all of the rules and re-inventing what it means to be a
publisher,” says Troy Mott. “It may take a traditional publisher many months to
write and produce a book that takes us two weeks to create. Developers need information fast, and with this model, we are poised to deliver that to them.”

Bleeding Edge Press has published their first two books in Safari Books Online: Developing a Backbone.js Edge, which was created during a mini remote book sprint, and Developing an AngularJS Edge. For more information about these books and others as well, please visit

More about the Backbone.js and AngularJS books

Backbone doesn’t force you into a particular coding style or paradigm. Backbone is also lightweight in the sense that it doesn’t require a ton of buy-in to use. It can be easily integrated into an existing page, and you can choose to only use certain components of the library (Views without Models or Collections, for example). Developing a Backbone.js Edge incorporates the best practices and techniques from the combined authors’ experience of developing many Backbone applications. Some of the resources on the web advocate inefficient or inelegant solutions and there are few that cover the whole library. In this book we aim to provide a complete guide to Backbone and equip you to start using the library straight away.
AngularJS is a JavaScript framework that can help you write web applications quickly using less code. Whereas in the vanilla JavaScript world, you are given a blank canvas on which to paint, AngularJS provides structure, organization and patterns. In order to master AngularJS, you must understand how to adhere to its guidelines and why the guidelines exist in the first place. Developing an AngularJS Edge is intended for intermediate JavaScript programmers. We cover basic AngularJS concepts, components, and their applications. Together, we’ll build a working single-page weblog application using AngularJS, which will help you become proficient with using AngularJS to go out and create your own applications.

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