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It’s been an exciting year! From Responsive Web Design to jQuery Mobile, we’ve published a lot of great tips and tricks for developers in our Safari Books Online blog. Here we’ve compiled our most popular posts of 2012, along with a summary. Join us as we count down our most read blog posts.

10. Optimizing Images for the iOS Retina Display–Andrea Picchi shows you how to continue to provide support for regular 320×480 iOS displays
9. Windows 8 Controls with XAML and C#–Filip Skakun covers the reusable controls that can be used with Windows 8 XAML.
8. jQuery Mobile Performance Improvement–Troy Miles shares some great tips that will help speed up your jQuery Mobile apps.
7. Mapping Mouse Events and Touch Events Onto a Single Event–Mathias Paumgarten walks you through a code snippet he created that maps click and touch events onto a single event, which allows you to listen to one event in the code and cover both mouse events and touch events.
6. jQuery Mobile Scrolling–Troy Miles shows you how to take advantage of using Scroll 4, a free JavaScript plug-in, with jQuery Mobile to enhance the UI in your apps.
5. CSS Tricks for HTML5 Canvas Games–Kevin Moot from The Nerdery shows you how interesting HTML5 effects can be achieved by layering multiple Canvas elements and applying different 3D transformations to each.
4. jQuery Mobile Tip: Adding Thumbnails and Icons to List Views–Matt Doyle teaches you how to add thumbnails and icons to list views in your jQuery Mobile apps.
3. Responsive Mobile Design: Media Queries, CSS3 & iOS–Andrea Picchi illustrates how the responsive design approach helps you design user interface elements that will fit both portrait and landscape orientations, thus increasing the level of user experience of your web apps.
2. PhoneGap: Storing and Retrieving with the FileSystem–Through the use of an example, Andrew Lunny shows you how to get started using the File APIs as they’re implemented in PhoneGap 1.4.1.
1. Spring MVC Tip: Returning JSON from a Spring Controller–Sebastiano Armeli-Battana you will learn how to return objects directly converted into JSON using Spring MVC.

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