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We have received a ton of feedback since the launch of STG for Android, so I am excited to let you in on what we have been working on the last few months. We have beefed up our development team to focus on the items below, but we are still a few weeks away from wrapping up dev and launching the update.

Our main focus has been addressing some of the performance and stability issues you have raised with us, specifically:

  1. Pre-Fetching and Caching – Our current live version only fetches one section at a time and we have completely overhauled the content retrieval and storage mechanism to dramatically improve load times between sections.
  2. Session Management – We are working to persist sessions longer/better and re-authenticate in the background when necessary to make this less intrusive.
  3. Offline Bookbag – Fixing issues with missing publisher layout/styles, paging jumped sections, and books were missing images.
  4. Resume – Ensuring % offset for resume is consistently set while reading and stored to properly resume reading in both online and offline mode, and when changing device orientation.
  5. Other – Various bug fixes and performance improvements

* Intermittent Connectivity – Addressing this issue relies heavily on the groundwork we are putting into this first release, but it is also very complex from both a dev and testing perspective. We knew that we had to get the architecture and reader right before tackling this problem. As a result, we took the decision to ship an update addressing the issues above first, followed by another release soon after that addressing the intermittent connectivity soon after.

Thanks for being patient with us as we focus on improving STG for Android!




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6 Responses to “Safari To Go Android Update – Now Live!!!”

  1. Robert Adach

    Thanks for the update Bill. Its greatly appreciates to not only know what is in the pipeline for a great product like STG, but also that a company is listening to their customers. It you need a beta tester sign me up!

  2. Matt Welch

    I am still unable to save books for offline viewing. Every time I try to add a book to the Offline shelf, it tells me the download was unsuccessful. I really wish this was fixed.

    • Bill Levien

      Matt – Our dev & support teams are looking into this issue and hope to find the root cause asap…

      Thanks for the feedback, and we’ll be in touch soon.

      • Matt Welch

        I was able to reproduce the problem and then find a fix. If I had a book on my Reading Bookshelf prior to the app install ( and possibly post lapse in subscription ) I was unable to add the book to the Offline bookshelf. I tried this morning removing the book from my Bookshelf allotment and then re-added. Once I did this, I was able to download the book. Not sure if that helps any, but seems to have fixed my problem.

        • Bill Levien

          That definitely helps… Books that are not on the bookshelf can’t be added to the Offline Bookbag but you shouldn’t have to delete/re-add the title from your specific device in order for it to work.

          Glad you fixed your issues, and thanks for the details!

  3. Tomasz Rybak

    Thanks for the update. It works really well. Good job.

    I have one remark – could you change the way to activate the menu? Now I need to make some gesture similar to swiping up to display the main menu (the one which is displayed during reading) instead of pressing menu button like in other Android applications. Currently when I want to go to Table Of Content or change brightness I am making some gesture and about 50% times I get this wrong and turn page instead. Thanks in advance.