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How to Share your Favorite Collections of Books and Videos

With the all-new Lists in Safari Books Online, we’ve made it really easy for you to share your favorite collections of books and videos with your colleagues. This video shows you how.


Video Transcript

To get started, choose a List in your Folders that you’d like to share. You will be presented with the Share overlay, which will provide you with several options:

  • You can check the top box to share your List with others in your organization
  • You can grab a URL for the list to share by email or other means (bear in mind, though, that the recipient will also need a Safari account, and the URL will only work for others in your organization)
  • And you can also choose to send a List invite by email. Sharing by email allows you to create a custom subject and message for your specified recipients.

By checking the option to share your List with other users in your account, your List will be added to All Shared Lists page for all users in your organization, which will allow those users to locate your List and follow it. Following a List is as easy as Sharing a List – just click the Follow button next to the List, or drag & drop the List into one of your Folders.

Shared Lists are editable only by the owner, or creator, of the List. This also means that your Sort preference and any custom descriptions in your List items are inherited by anyone following your List. This allows you to create highly customized, ordered lists of books and videos, or just selected sections, chapters, and clips.

For example, this particular shared List features topics on the open source Ubuntu Linux OS, ranging from getting started with Ubuntu to studying for Ubuntu certification.

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