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Using the BlackBerry Online Packager for Android apps, we were able to quickly convert our Android app into a Blackberry PlayBook app to run on RIM’s “Runtime for Android Apps.” The process was pretty straight-forward, approval was relatively painless and the process required no changes from our existing Android app since it was built to support Android Phones running 2.2+ (The Runtime is made to run Android 2.3.3. Apps).

It has all the great features of the Android app including Recent Titles, Folders, Bookmarks, Search and cross-platform Synching…

If you are a subscriber, you can grab it on BlackBerry App World, and be sure to leave us feedback!

For non-subscribers, click here for a Free Trial!


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4 Responses to “Safari To Go is now available for the BlackBerry PlayBook!”

  1. Sergio de la Cruz

    Hi Bill. Great app. I have installed it in my Galaxy Tab 10.1 and works like charm. I have this problem now: I have bought a Nook Simple Touch from Barnes and Nobles and after rooting the device I can run both the B&N Nook and Amazon Kindle apps. However, I can’t install Safari to Go for Android here since this device runs Android 2.1. Do you know a way to make Safari to Go run in Android 2.1? Any plans to support it?

    • Bill Levien

      Unfortunately, the Android app was only built for 2.2+ so there is no way to make it work on your Simple Touch running 2.1.

      Users of our app are overwhelmingly on 2.2+, and even then over 75% of our users are on 4.0+ so that is where we will focus most of our attention as the older OS versions are phased out, and tend to be on less powerful devices that will soon be upgraded, and won’t run the app to it’s full potential anyway.

  2. Garry McCallum

    Thank You, Thank you, Thank you!

    The corporate Blackberry users were starting to feel abandoned by Safari.