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If you’re an iPhone user, your Safari Books Online subscription just got super-sized. Our mobile app, Safari to Go, recently hit the App Store where you can download it for free.


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Video Transcript

Hi, I’m Scott with Safari Books Online. If you’re an iPhone user, your Safari Books Online subscription just got super-sized. Our mobile app, Safari to Go, recently hit the App Store where you can download it for free. Okay, I promise I won’t keep you long, just long enough to show you some of the highlights.

Let’s say you’re at your desk in the middle of a training video, but you’ve got an appointment at the DMV, of all places. You grab your iPad and head out the door. What? The kids borrowed it to watch a movie? No problem, your iPhone will do the trick! Safari To Go works seamlessly across all your Apple devices.

Even before you pull up at the DMV, all your folders, lists, Smart lists, have been refreshed in the cloud — Safari To Go, opens up right where you left off. Skip the formality of a home page, and get right back to viewing – ‘cause it’s gonna be a while before they call your number!

Simplicity is the key to good design. See the simple, clean navigation bar at the bottom? It’s intuitive – you won’t need to give it a second thought especially since it matches the way you already get around on your iPhone.

Going somewhere without Internet access? You can download 3 books into your Offline Bookbag and read them later at 50,000 feet. Not 1 book, 3 complete books. (You might want to get your iPad back from the kids!)

Like to bookmark things? You’ll find them grouped by book, with the newest right on top.

What’s great here is that after you do a Search, you can save it (see, here it is in Folders), and, let’s say your Search netted 16 results. Come back in a month and that number will have grown. Any new additions to the collection that match will automatically populate every time you visit a saved Search again. A great way to keep things current.

I really want to show you the Browser, which gives you a LOT more control. Browse by New or Popular. Or, go to All where you can drill down by Category, and then by subcategory to refine your search even further. Pick Books or Videos.

Once you pinpoint what you’re looking for:

  • Tap the book, get the overview
  • Start reading 1 of 2 ways; from the beginning, or jump ahead to a specific section

From here, you can:

  • Add it to Favorites, which is also a shortcut to your Offline Bookbag
  • Or, write a review!

Speaking of reading – this is good stuff.

You’ve found your book. Before you dig in, take a few seconds to create a reader experience that’s more to your liking:

  • You can change the size of the type
  • You can change the font
  • Flip your iPhone to view in either orientation
  • And, one of my favorites, the night reading option

Again, the Reader navigation is instinctual

  • Add the book to your list, or your Offline Bookbag
  • Tap the Table of Contents to jump elsewhere, or scroll ahead/back up
  • And, when your iPhone goes to sleep – Recent will take you back to the spot where you left off…

– Which is exactly where we started our quick tour! I won’t keep you any longer. Just tap on the App Store and download Safari To Go, you’ll be enjoying all the best features of your online subscription just minutes from now. Safari To Go – get super-sized – for free!

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