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If you’re an Android user, your Safari Books Online subscription just got super-sized. Our mobile app, Safari To Go for Android, is available for free on Google Play.


If you are not a Safari Books Online subscriber, sign up for a free trial.


Video Transcript

Hi, I’m Scott with Safari Books Online.

If you’re an Android user, your Safari Books Online subscription just got super-sized. Our mobile app, Safari To Go for Android, recently hit Google Play, where you can get it for free.

Okay, I promise I won’t keep you long, just long enough to show you some highlights.

Let’s say you’re in the middle of a training video at your desk, but you’ve got an appointment at the DMV, of all places. You grab your tablet and head out the door. Wait, one of your kids borrowed it to watch a movie? No problem, your Android phone will do the trick!

Even before you get there, all your folders, lists, Smart lists, have been refreshed in the cloud — Safari To Go, opens up right where you left off. Skip the formality of a home page, and get right back to viewing – ‘cause you’re going to be there a while!

Simplicity is the key to good design. See the simple, clean navigation? It’s intuitive – you won’t need to give it a second thought.

Going somewhere without Internet access? You can download 3 books into your Offline Bookbag and read them later at 50,000 feet. Not 1 book, 3 complete books. You might want to get your tablet back from the kids!

Like to bookmark things? You’ll find them all grouped by book, with the newest right on top.

What’s great here is that after you do a Search, you can save it (see, here it is in Folders), and, let’s say your Search netted 89 results. Come back in a month and that number will have grown. Any new additions to the collection that match will automatically populate every time you visit a saved Search again.

And now for the Browser, which gives you a LOT of control. First, you can drill down by Category. From there, use the subcategories to refine your search even further. Plus, New and Popular (books, videos).

Once you pinpoint what you’re looking for:

  • Tap the book, get the overview
  • Start reading 1 of 2 ways; from the beginning, or jump ahead to a specific section

From here, you can:

  • Add it to Favorites, this is also a shortcut to your Offline Bookbag
  • Or, write a review!

Speaking of reading — this is good stuff.

Again, you’ve found your book — before you dig in; take a few seconds to create a reader experience that’s more to your liking. Just tap the center of the screen and:

  • You can change the size of the type
  • You can adjust the brightness
  • Flip your Android to read in either orientation
  • And, one of my favorites, the night reading option

Again, the Reader navigation is simple and intuitive

  • Add the book to your list, or your Offline Bookbag
  • Tap the Table of Contents to jump elsewhere
  • And, when your device goes to sleep – Recent will take you right back to where you left off…

– which is exactly where we started our quick tour!

I won’t keep you any longer, if you head over to Google Play now, you could be reading on your Android in about 5 minutes! And don’t forget to give us a review after you download. Safari To Go – all the best features of your online subscription on the go.

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3 Responses to “Demo Video: Safari Books Online’s Android App, Safari To Go for Android”

  1. Mike

    When are you going to release an update to the Android app? I watch A LOT of training videos to take advantage of my subscription but I’m constantly plagued with the lacking resume capability. Here’s some of the problems:

    1) When I’m watching a video and receive a phone call, I don’t go back to the same spot. Instead, the app wants to reload the entire video and start from the beginning

    2) The video player the app is using constantly crashes; I’ve send 20+ crash reports to Safari to date since the launch of the app.

    3) We DESPERATELY need videos to be cached locally, it makes it impossible to resume quickly. When I bookmark a video, it shouldn’t bookmark the section, but instead the exact point in the video where I left off. My data usage has exploded because of this. Encrypt the video in the cache if you must be concerned about security and people ripping off your content.

    I’m a full library subscriber and have been desperately waiting for an update to the app; there’s been no updates since you launched the app several months ago.

  2. java dev

    The app fundamentally doesn’t work. I have Android 4.04 on a tablet. You cannot create folders. You cannot save a book for offline viewing. For no discernable reason, the app reloads the page you’re reading as you’re reading it although nothing on the page has changed. The app also logs you out within a few minutes, again for no reason. You cannot resize the text you’re reading,although that text is tiny and takes up only 1/4 of the screen. Screens are left blank when they ought to have default text, for instance, instead of a blank screen if you have no folders it ought to say you have no folders.

    The reader is primitive compared to even Adobe’s basic free reader. Compared to the functionality available in 3rd party PDF readers, it’s pathetic in the feature set it purports to, but does not actually, support.

    This wouldn’t be an issue that actually mattered , it would be just another example of a company who wanders outside of its core competency and offers up a pale imitation of a useful app, if they were not simultaneously removing the ability to download books as PDFs and read them offline. But because they are doing just that, this app effectively removes 80% of the functionality of having a safari account if you’re someone who wants to use safari away from an internet connection, on the subway or a cafe for instance. What’s worse,the superb readers available for PDFs and marking them up is all voided now
    Reading a tech book is not a form of watching kittens on YouTube.what’s needed is sophisticated editing and reading tools that respond instantly, not only after a server hit.. if the server responds.

    Tools belong on the client. We may be going through a period in which providers Re going to try to force everything to the cloud . That’s a bad idea for a million reasons.This is providers serving themselves and not the people who need creative tools and pay the bills.

    • Bill Levien

      I understand your frustration with the way the app is currently fetching content for each section as you read, along with the other issues you mentioned.

      As you know, software is never “done” and we are actively working on improving the delivery of content, stability of the application, and putting some polish on the app for an update (for which the date is still TBD…)

      Having said that, some of the issues you are reporting concern me as we have not seen them in our testing and they have not been a widespread issue so I suspect they are due to improper handling of failed API calls or improper session management that is resulting in a “no-data” response and the blank pages/failures you are seeing.

      If you don’t mind, I would like to first ask you to make sure you have the latest version installed (v1.0.2), let me know which tablet you are using and what connection type you were on when seeing these issues (3g/4q/WiFi) then I can try to reproduce them on my end and monitor/capture logs, etc to pinpoint the root cause.

      Please email me directly so I can properly locate your account and try to get this resolved for you!