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A screenshot from a video of Keith Fahlgren speaking at OSCON 2012

This session was given at OSCON 2012. You can watch the complete video (as well as many, many others from the conference) on Safari Books Online. I particularly liked Dan Menard from Netflix on Effective Code Review.

[slideshare id=14193104&w=427&h=356&sc=no]

There are slides available for download.

Here’s a tremendously condensed version:

Developers need to pause for a moment when trying to solve a problem or learn something rather than always using Google + StackOverflow. Both tools are tremendously effective. However, many would benefit from a more careful selection of tools. I’ve also got some usage data from how others learn that you might find interesting.

  • While the most recent books are probably the best for a topic like “Mobile”, they aren’t for C or Ruby.
  • Learn the more specialized searching tools available inside platforms like GitHub.
  • Stop pretending like you have to finish (any) books 100%. Snack on what you need without guilt (and lower the barrier to entry).


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