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As we go through the formalities of publishing Safari To Go for Android in the Nook & Kindle app stores, we would like to turn you on to a few alternative download methods for the Kindle Fire, B&N Nook and any other device without access to Google Play as well as explain the art of “Rooting” your device to allow installation of Google Play for our more adventurous users (NOTE: Android 2.2 is the minimum supported version for Safari To Go)

I’ll start with sideloading Safari To Go since rooting is not required and installation requires simply changing a setting to allow non-market applications. This doesn’t put your hardware at risk, but you may want to set it back after installation to prevent malicious apps from being installed.

To sideload the app onto your Kindle Fire or device that can’t access Google Play, follow these steps:

  1. Tap the Gear icon -> Settings -> Device and turn on “Allow Installation of Applications From Unknown Sources”
  2. Click here from your mobile device to initiate the download
  3. Once downloaded, go to your download list from the top notification bar and tap the completed download to install
  4. That’s it! Enjoy the app, and check back for updates every once in a while since you won’t get the “Google Play” update notifications

Nook is a little more complicated and requires Root Access so I’ll leave it up to you as to which instructions you follow for your specific device (Read our disclaimer below before attempting any modifications!).

To Root Your Device, start with the resources below and expect some frustration, tinkering, community support, and last minute heroics to get it working!

  1. Nook Color:
  2. Nook tablet:
  3. Kindle Fire:

After successfully Rooting any Android device, you should be able to follow the instructions for “sideloading” the app or to further reap the benefits you can try to install Google Play which gets you access to the official Safari to Go download along with system notifications for updates as we improve the app, and access to many other apps not available through the official stores.

Good Luck and Happy Hacking!

DISCLAIMER: Safari Books Online did not write or test any of the linked instructions for rooting your device and cannot provide any technical guidance on the process for your specific situation OR take any responsibility for damage to your hardware or software. There are MANY tutorials out there so if you are not comfortable with the resources above, I suggest you spend some time on Google, YouTube and poking around on some forums regarding the pros and cons of the rooting process. You must also understand and feel comfortable risking your device and/or warranty support from the manufacturer. Or you can always find a tech-savvy buddy willing to take your device’s fate into his/her hands and blame him/her if something goes wrong – jk!

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11 Responses to ““Unofficial” Guide to getting Safari to Go Android app on your Kindle Fire or Nook”

  1. Nick

    Thanks for the kindle fire unofficial workaround; was quick and easy.

  2. Mitrofan


    This is the best post I could expect from safaribooksonkline and it plays the major role in the decision for being the subscriber. I wish you had this page higher in search engine results for “safari to go apk”. Thank you.

  3. Peter Schofield

    Regrettably, it doesn’t seem to work on the new Kindle Fire HD that was released in October 2012.

    • Peter Schofield

      Ahem, my mistake – yes, it worked perfectly! Fantastic tip, thanks!

  4. David

    I’m looking for a way to read safari books on an e-ink display. I think this will work by using the mobile site on a kindle, but will not support offline book bag feature. I do not own a kindle now, are their apps for it and does safari plan on creating one? Is there any other e-ink display device I should consider?

    • Bill Levien

      David – You are correct that the only way to access your Safari Books Online subscription on an e-ink device is through the browser if the device has one and that does require an internet connection.

      Since e-ink readers are typically based on closely protected platforms we do not have any plans to create apps for them and we can only support the Offline Bookbag feature on devices running Android (including the Kindle Fire) and iOS with our native apps.

  5. Ray Rizzuto

    Will updates also be available via that link? I picked up 1.03 on google play for my phone, but the link above has 1.02.

    • Bill Levien

      Yes, the link and hosted APK will be updated however the fixes in v1.0.3 targeted 2 issues that were broken by the release of Android 4.2 last week, so currently there is no benefit for Kindle Fire Users upgrading to that version.


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