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I’ve long admired the folks at 37signals, makers of Basecamp, Campfire, and Highrise. They’re great examples of how to really effectively contribute to an ecosystem through coding, writing, evangelizing, and perhaps most importantly being willing to talk about what they’re doing and why — even if it’s not always great news. (They were even behind an interesting experiment in publishing with their book Getting Real, which Jason Fried spoke about it at the 2009 TOC Conference).

So when I came across their Customer Happiness Report, I knew it was something we had to try. Martin Nordenso, who heads up our Customer Service team worked with Daniel Peter, one of our developers, to pull realtime data out of our instance to push out our own version of that “Smiley” report:

Success report

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One Response to “Measuring Customer Happiness”

  1. Hope Foster-Reyes

    Hi Andrew,

    That’s very sweet, but I’m curious how your consideration of the value of customer feedback has impacted what you are actually doing with Safari. For example, why not a Get Satisfaction forum or something similar so customers feel like they are heard? I have been a member of Safari for years now and have lamented the lack of highlighting in your iPad app for at least a year. Every few months or so I try to check on the progress of this “promised” update and I’m forced to either write an *email* (writing an email for a customer service request to a software development company seems pretty arcane these days doesn’t it?) or to search your blog. In fact that’s why I’m here now. Judging from what I’ve seen here, your blog is where you take feedback on your app, which also seems pretty dated not to mention awkward. But considering I didn’t get a response from your customer service team to my old-fashioned complaint email, a blog is a step up! It’s great that you’re looking at customer service and — from the experiences I’ve been having — timely! Any plans for a real customer service app or forum?