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Welcome to the Safari Books Online tech blog!

We’ve carved out this space to address our colleagues in publishing and technology, and to share some of the things we’re working on that excite us. In some aspects this site will cover much of the same material that Keith and I did on the Threepress blog, but as we’re no longer working as closely with ereading technologies and specific ebook markup, we’ll focus more on web, publishing, and general nerdiness. (There are much better resources for keeping on top of ebook format developments these days.)

Working with a larger team means having a lot of great people at your side every day. I look forward to sharing this space with the talented product managers, developers, and designers we have on board at SBO.

Summer is traditionally a quiet time in publishing and software development; publishers have their half-day Fridays and software developers are typically heads-down scrambling to make fall product deadlines. We’ve got our deadlines for sure, but it’s been a long radio silence, and I’m eager to talk about what we’re doing and comment on the ever-changing digital publishing landscape.

To kick things off, I’ve posted my presentation from IDPF Digital Book 2012: Streaming Digital Books. Lots more to come.


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