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OK….I’ve been around teaching Exchange since (using old man voice) “Back in my day I used Exchange 5.5…back when snail-mail was still faster then the internet…we didn’t have that fancy web interface you young whippersnappers are so use to…Our email traveled uphill….both ways… 3 feet of snow…” I could go on, but the point is Exchange has dramatically improved over the years.  Ever since Exchange 2007, I’ve found myself looking that the features/technologies, and saying “Wow….IT’S ABOUT TIME MICROSOFT!”….and I have to say as far as study guides go….”WOW….IT’S ABOUT TIME MICROSOFT!”

For years I’ve seen and recommended different study guides for my students that were trying to prep for a Microsoft Exam.  Unfortunately, most study guides are just a printout of some brain dumps.  I then found myself having a conversation with my students about using those types of guides and how they actually “hurt” the certification and the student’s career (I’ll have to post my thoughts on that later).

To make this short and sweet….I loved this book.  This book is fill with “meat” (no potatoes)as far as information goes.  Not only does the author (Orin Thomas) teach you the concepts of Exchange 2010, but he shows you the “why’s”, which to me (as a MCT)  is SO important for understanding and learning of my students.  Orin (hope I can just use your first name  ), also takes the time to explain complicated technologies in a way that will make sense to students/readers that are new to some of the concepts.  Another cool feature of this book is that at the end of each chapter, Orin tests your comprehension with a great Q/A section!

So instead of drilling answers to questions into your head from some stupid “here…cheat with the answers and then wonder why you can’t get past a technical interview” study guide, just to take a test….MAN-UP (or WOMAN-UP…don’t want to be sexiest)  and learn the in’s, out’s, and why’s of Exchange 2010 with this book.  You know, this book is good enough to be used as reference materials for your career as well.  For me personally, I’ll be looking at this series of books for my study needs.

Now that I think about it…”Hey Microsoft why didn’t you have these types of materials for us back in the day!?  Back when I was a poor student pulling out my hair for an exam”…how about a free Xbox for all my troubles!

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