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I had the opportunity to get a copy of the NEW book by Brett Hill called “Working with Microsoft Office 365: Running your small business in the cloud.  Let me first say “WELL DONE BRETT!”

Brett Hill is a Microsoft Office 365 MVP, is a consultant, speaker, trainer, and author, specializing in cloud computing and online services.

This book was so well written for almost every type of user, but it focused on helping out  “non-technical” users in using Office 365.

The chapters were so well designed….taking the reader from the beginning and walking you all the way through using the entire suite of features that Office 365 has to offer.  From managing users to OWA to Lync Server.

Some IT folks might find the book a little “elementary”, but remember this book is designed for small business owners that have not technical back ground.  Even with my background, I found the book still had information that I hadn’t thought of, or would have missed.  You all know that I’ve been a little leery about moving to the cloud, but Office 365 is starting to “wear” me down!

I was impressed (HEY MICROSOFT…TAKE NOTE HERE!) with how the author not only showed off features, but also included real world examples, and then “showed” you how to accomplish a task (maybe I’m a little bias here, but that’s the way I teach my classes).  I wish that all the Microsoft Curriculum/Press books where written this way (again kudos Brett).

I personally used the book to setup my own Office 365 site and found answers to many of the questions that I had as well as questions I know basic users will have.   For all my SharePoint Students…shell out an extra $6 and pickup your own Office 365 site…I’m using my to “tryout/demo” different aspects of SP without having to fire up a virtual server or using my own resources.  I’m currently working on customizing my “Public Site” (I’ll post the URL when it’s ready to go “LIVE”).

So when you’re ready to order note that you can order a physical book or (my favorite) digital copy (Oh, and if you order direct from O’Reilly, it will be DRM FREE!).

If you’re one of my past students….remember you can get a discount if you use my discount code at the website and (email me if you forgot it) get 45% off!

Want to read a sample?

So I’m off to finish my Public Site…until then….



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As a Microsoft Certified Trainer (since 1998), Dale has had the opportunity to teach in a wide variety of industries, including healthcare, corporate, universities, military and government agencies.  Dale was instrumental in the training of the IT teams at Homeland Security and Customs & Border Patrol during their transition from Novell to Microsoft technologies. His ability to take complex topics and make them easy to understand is one of the talents that sets Dale apart from other trainers.

Dale has enjoyed much success in these areas because of his excellent training and presentation skills.  His delivery style (what he calls Edu-tainment)   and his in-depth knowledge of the subject matter; backed by years of real-world experience, has allowed SuperDale (as his students call him) to captivate and excite his students with the technologies he presents.

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