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This LiveLesson (Sneak Peak)introduces the Java Reflection API and shows you how to use it effectively to write programs that take advantage of its powerful features. Bestselling Java author and trainer, Paul Anderson uses carefully chosen examples to demonstrate how reflection works without getting bogged down in the complexities often associated with this API.  Each key concept is explained and illustrated with source code listings that demonstrate how you can use reflection to solve real problems.

Key topics include discovering classes, interfaces, fields, constructors, methods, and arrays. Other topics discussed include constructing objects and working with fields. This LiveLesson also covers generic parameterized types, annotations, and dependency injection. After completing this LiveLesson, you’ll be able to write more flexible code that takes full advantage of the Java Reflection model.

This sneak peek of Java Reflection LiveLessons is available now on Safari Books Online. The full video will be available early June 2012.

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