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Looking back on how I handled the test (see You Have Passed The Test: A PHP Coding Test, there are a few things I would have done differently. I’m going to focus on three — one practical, one learned lesson and one hilarious oops.

Practical – Read Ahead. I really overestimated how quickly I would get back up to speed with PHP. I expected to walk into the test without cracking a book and ace it. Wrongo. Next time, I would spend a little time in advance refreshing my memory on how things work in the language.

Learned Lesson — Write Those Tests. I almost called the code done and shipped it off, but decided to write a few tests to make sure I had good coverage. As a result I found a really dumb mistake. If I had written the tests as I went along, I would have caught it sooner.

Hilarious Oops — I was asked to submit the code to a public code repository as part of the test. After I had done so, I realized I left my DB credentials hardcoded in the class:

This was not exactly my brightest moment, but at least I realized it before having it pointed out to me. Thankfully, they were only test credentials.

I will be much better prepared the next time I have a timed test to conquer.

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