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Most Augmented Reality (AR) apps show a compass that displays the direction you’re heading in.  This may seem like a complicated thing to do, but it’s actually quite simple.  We previously showed how to retrieve your magnetic heading from the iPhone’s compass using the CoreLocation framework in iOS 5.  By using this heading information, we can rotate any kind of view to point to magnetic north.

First, we’ll need an image to rotate (see below).

Once you have an image of a compass needle that is pointing up, you can use it to accurately represent magnetic north.

To keep it simple, let’s suppose that you have an instance variable of a UIImageView called _needle with it’s getter and setter generated by using the following:

We can then setup the UIImageView to use an image named “needle.png” that is 70px wide by 70px high.

[self setNeedle:needle];
[needle release];

Within the locationManager:didUpdateHeading: delegate method, we can take the magnetic heading and use it to apply a transform on the UIImageView.

What we’re doing here is first taking the magnetic heading of the compass.  We’re then converting it to radians, and finally setting the transform using the CGAffineTransformMakeRotation function.  If you now run your iOS 5 application, you’ll see the needle rotating and pointing to magnetic north while you rotate the phone as shown in this figure:

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