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When it comes to delivering digital book content on the Web, some of the most innovative and interesting work in the past few years has come from a small Boston startup called Threepress. Browser-based reading and learning will only grow in importance, and their Ibis Reader is an important example of how to deliver a great EPUB reading experience on a variety of desktop and mobile browsers, and their regular blog posts and conference talks on EPUB, CSS, HTML5, and other digital book technology and issues have steadily advanced the industry’s knowledge and skills.

Today I’m thrilled to welcome the Threepress team to Safari Books Online. They’re joining us as part of an acquisition that brings a rich set of web-based ebook reading technology to Safari, along with a talented engineering team that includes some of the world’s foremost engineers working with EPUB, ebooks, and browser-based reading.

Liza Daly has joined Safari Books Online as our VP of Engineering, and will be leading a team that includes fellow Ibis Reader co-founder Keith Fahlgren. I’ve had the pleasure of working with both Keith and Liza on a variety of projects over the past seven years (Liza is also a fellow IDPF board member), and I’m incredibly excited to think about what’s ahead combining Liza and Keith’s expertise with Safari Books Online’s comprehensive library of nearly 20,000 digital books and videos and with our broad global customer base.

For now we expect to continue operating Ibis Reader as a convenient way to upload your personal EPUB ebooks and read them from a variety of web browsers.

The Web is a very different (and much more mobile!) place than it was more than 10 years ago when Safari Books Online opened its virtual doors. These phenomenal additions to our team will help us make sure Safari Books Online will continue to be at the forefront of online reading and learning for the next 10 years and beyond.


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Andrew Savikas, Chief Executive Officer

Andrew Savikas is the Chief Executive Officer at Safari Books Online. Prior to his appointment as CEO, he held the positions of VP of Digital Initiatives at O’Reilly Media Program Chair for O’Reilly’s Tools of Change for Publishing conference , and interim Chief Executive Officer of Safari Books Online. Andrew blogs at and, and is also a regular contributor to the O’Reilly Radar blog and to “Book: A Futurist’s Manifesto,” a collection of essays on the future of publishing, Andrew previously led the digital publishing and ebook program and strategy for O’Reilly Media, including both print and digital production of all O’Reilly books. He sits on the board for the Book Industry Study Group and is on advisory boards for Bookshare and the University of Michigan Press. He frequently speaks at technology and publishing conferences all over the world and is also the author of “Word Hacks: Tips & Tools for Taming your Text“.

Andrew holds a B.S. in Media Studies from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and an MBA from Northeastern University in Boston.


4 Responses to “Welcoming Threepress to the Safari Books Online Family”

  1. Daryl

    I’m very excited to hear about this acquisition. Safari has always been second-to-none in the quality of its content library, but recently as new channels for accessing content have gained popularity (i.e tablets and phones), they have failed to keep pace. Safari does offer an excellent mobile site, but that only works for accessing content online. The solution for offline mobile access has been the Safari iPad app, which unfortunately, after years of development (including a complete re-write) remains rather disappointing, to be frank.

    This is why I see the acquisition of Ibis Reader as such an excellent strategic decision. It perfectly fills the niche in which Safari is most lacking. I definitely look forward to seeing Ibis Reader technology deployed on top of the Safari library, bringing the Safari service offering to the next level.

    Kudos to you Andrew on this; it sounds like Safari is in excellent hands.

  2. Marc Shillum

    This article is about ‘Threepress Consulting Inc’, Threepress hasn’t been purchased and is solely owned by Marc Shillum. When referring to ‘Threepress Consulting Inc’ please could you use the entire name to avoid confusion. Many Thanks. – Marc