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We’re very excited by the public launch of the second ereading product based on Ibis Reader technology: Bookstream by Don Johnston Incorporated.

“From all perspectives of our development team (project managers, programmers, testers, etc.) the Threepress team has been fantastic to work with on the Bookstream project. It’s not everyday that a project meets timelines and exceeds all our expectations.”

– Don Johnston Inc.

Don Johnston came to us with their vision of providing highly-accessible etextbooks and reading material to students. A key requirement was that the technology stack had to be both amenable to screen-readers (no Flash) and usable on mobile devices (no Flash!). Our purely web-based reading system was a natural fit.

Transforming the base Ibis Reader product into Bookstream was a highly collaborative process involving multiple development teams and many months. We integrated our reading environment with Don Johnston’s user management system and tools for custom reporting and analytics, and added features to support classroom use. It was great to work with a team so dedicated to accessibility and that is experienced with systems that model the way teachers, administrators, and students actually interact. We’re extremely pleased with the result and happy to welcome Ibis Reader into schools.

For more information on licensing Ibis Reader, see our resources for partners.


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