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  Today we have access to thousands of patterns – proven best-practice solutions to known problems within a specific context – so why aren’t we more successful in developing and deploying successful software-intensive systems?Hear two leading experts introduce Patterns-Based Engineering and show how such an approach delivers on the promise of patterns to consistently create higher-quality solutions faster and with fewer resources. Explore the challenges in using patterns including scope, team utilization, consumption, automation and metrics.

Presenters address pattern challenges with PBE and the use of the PBE Core Values, PBE Practice and the PBE Patterns & Guidelines such as:

  • Using patterns to optimize the entire development lifecycle, including design, coding, testing and deployment
  • Systematically managing the risks and economic returns associated with patterns
  • Effectively implementing PBE roles, tasks, work products and tools
  • Integrating PBE with existing development processes, including extreme Programming, Scrum and OpenUP
  • Using PBE Patterns and Guidelines to improve how we identify, create, manage and consume patterns

Whether you are an architect, designer, developer, analyst, project manager or process engineer, the information presented in this recorded webcast will help you consistently derive greater business value and agility from patterns.

Watch the recorded webcast now: Patterns-Based Engineering.

Check out the book “Patterns-Based Engineering” on Safari Books Online.

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  1. Science Jon

    For anyone reading this, I have to say that these webcasts are excellent.

  2. Mathanas

    I have no doubt that whoever goes through this post, will gain something to remember in life. He/She will consistently derive greater business value and agility from patterns.