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We’re very happy to have another talented software engineer on board.

Chuck Ha is a Software Engineer with Threepress. He has been building web applications for several years across a variety of platforms and languages, though his favorites include JavaScript and Python. He strives for elegant and well-tested code. Chuck enjoys contributing to open source projects, solving problems, and anything related to the ocean, including how it tastes

One of our goals for this summer is to rapidly add EPUB 3 support to Ibis Reader; Chuck is helping us clear out some old bugs and then will move on to adding some of the interesting new features of the next revision of the EPUB spec.


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  1. Frank Lowney

    Here’s the “how-to” for media overlays in iBooks 1.3 (Safari and free dev account required):

    I’d be interested in hearing whether this follows the EPUB 3 standard or not. This is al we have to go on so far but I’m told that documentation and possibly and example ePub will be on iTunes Connect shortly.