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In 2010, “Android” was the term most often searched for in Safari Books Online. This year it continues to be at the top. Here are the top 20 search terms in 2011:

  1. Android
  2. Javascript
  3. Sharepoint 2010
  4. Python
  5. JQuery
  6. PHP
  7. Java
  8. C#
  9. HTML5
  10. iPhone
  11. CSS
  12. Drupal
  13. Ruby
  15. WCF
  16. SQL Server 2008
  17. MYSQL
  18. iPad
  19. C++
  20. Spring

Javascript is always one of the most popular topics in Safari Books Online. Over the past month, the top 10 most viewed javascript titles in our library are the following:

  1. JavaScript: The Definitive Guide, Fifth Edition
    (O’Reilly Media)
  2. JavaScript: The Good Parts
    (O’Reilly Media)
  3. Head First JavaScript
    (O’Reilly Media)
  4. Ext JS in Action
    (Manning Publications)
  5. JavaScript by Example,
    Second Edition

    (Prentice Hall)
  6. Learning JavaScript,
    Second Edition

    (O’Reilly Media)
  7. Professional, JavaScript®
    for Web Developers,
    Second Edition

  8. Eloquent JavaScript
    (No Starch Press)
  9. Test-Driven JavaScript Development
  10. JavaScript® and AJAX
    for Dummies®

    (For Dummies)

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4 Responses to “What term is searched most often in Safari Books Online?”

  1. Sally Wolfe

    Android is the most searched term, confirming its popularity….yet there is still no Android Tablet App for Safari To Go………? Why the delay? I’d really like access to my safari online books from my Xoom the same method iPad users get to enjoy. Thank you~ Hope you are taking to heart your own lists….

    • Andrew Savikas

      Good point, though Android is still *well* below iOs among visitors to our website (standard or mobile-friendly, and independent of iPad app traffic). We are planning an Android app for later this year, but I don’t have a date yet. Thanks for the feedback!


  1.  most searched for online in 2011 - MOST SEARCHED ON GOOGLE – MOST SEARCHED ON GOOGLE