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We’ve updated Safari To Go in the App Store, fixing the bug affecting passwords with special characters, fixing a bug that was causing blank pages for some users in some situations, and made some performance improvements for searching and browsing.

More updates and features are coming, thanks for all of the great feedback!



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53 Responses to “Safari To Go 2.0.2 Released”

  1. David

    Doesn’t seem to be available in the app store… Link leads to broken page?

    • Andrew Savikas

      Yes, we’re planning an Android app for later this year.

      • Anonymous

        woo hoo!!!! thanks! let us know if you need beta testers.

      • rohit

        Hi Andrew, any update on the Android App? My dad wants my IPAD and I can’t surrender it, until you guys bring this great software to Android.

        • Safari Books Online


          I’m responding for Andrew because he is away from the office for a few days.

          We are working on an Android App that is currently scheduled for release in the first part of next year.


  2. Robert

    I love the new app. However, not being able to use 3G to read books or watch video is a huge negative. Even if I could hold a video temporarily, it would be an asset. I want to use Safari in transit to work and enroute home. If I had Wi-Fi (only my circumstance) I would use a computer with a large screen.

    Are there any plans to allow for a temp download or any other means of not having to have a Wi-Fi connection?


    Love Safari Books Online!

    • Andrew Savikas

      3G access is a top priority, and we’ve already begun internal testing on several fixes to address 3G performance. Thanks for your patience!

  3. John

    When I upgraded last night I lost the book I had in my bookbag. While this isn’t much more than a minor inconvenience now, it will be a big problem once we are allowed to store multiple books in our offline-bookbag.

    I hope in future upgrades the bookbag keeps it’s contents.

    Otherwise, I’m enjoying the app.

    • Andrew Savikas

      Yes, we’ll be fixing that it an upcoming release, thanks for the feedback!

      • Craig

        I had the same thing happen, but I also am no longer able to add that book or any other book back into my “Offline Bookbag”. The “Offline Bookbag” shows 0 items, but it no longer shows up as a destination folder to which I can add a book from other folders.

  4. Andy Dent

    Here’s a scenario for you which just made me feel like cancelling my subscription in sheer outrage.

    I have been waiting months for Safari to Go to arrive – it’s here and allows me to save a book for offline access. I’m also using Safari to reference a bunch of other books on my desktop – I’m paying nearly $500/year for the Library option.

    I go back to my desktop and all my sessions have been signed out because I used Safari to Go.

    I go back to Safari to Go and tell it to sign out – it warns me that it will discard the offline bookbag contents if I sign out!

    So, essentially, the much-touted offline bookbag is utterly useless to me and the majority of technical users – I’m certain that many programmers will encounter exactly the above scenario. Nobody is going to be happy that keeping a book offline on an iPad effectively locks them out of their Safari subscription elsewhere.

    • Andrew Savikas

      You’re right, that’s really annoying, and we’ve fixed it in the next release, which will be submitted (early) next week

  5. Linda

    I am really disappointed that I can’t view video tutorials on my iPad. Will this be enabled soon?

    • Andrew Savikas

      Hi Linda,

      More than 95% (and inching closer to 98%) of our videos are viewable on iPad. I’ll ask our support team to contact you directly to figure out what’s going wrong for you.

  6. Danielle Reisch

    Looked at my first book on the app and after flipping through a few pages I got a blank (gray) page and the app crashed. Force closing the app didn’t fix it and I had to reboot the whole iPad. I’ve been waiting on purchasing an iPad specifically so I could read Safari content on-the-go. The fact that there’s only a book at a time and no 3G access sucks. If I can’t use it on a plane, train, bus, or at the park, or anywhere else I would want an iPad and NOT my laptop, then what is the point?

    Also, “Last Viewed” doesn’t seem to carry across platforms which is mildly annoying. In fact, right after opening the app for the first time, I hit it a few times on before I realized they might be separate and I hadn’t had a “last viewed” here yet. I’d like to be able to pick up where I left off, no matter the device.

  7. Danielle Reisch

    One other thing. When you click a new book a dialog comes up:

    “Loading Book / We need to get some information about this book before we start, please wait.”

    My initial reaction is to dismiss it, but then nothing happens. If I click “OK”, nothing happens. The only way to get the book is to click “OK,” wait a second, and then try clicking the book again. Would be nice if you automatically cleared the dialog and loaded the book when it is ready, or an animation that shows that it is still loading and then shows the book.

  8. Jason

    This app is terrible! Some points of note…

    – I use quite a long password for security and it randomly makes me log back in again which has left me to resorting to keeping my password in the notes app for cutting and pasting.
    – The screen sometimes goes blank (grey or black)and the navigation is terrible.
    – It has layout problems with code blocks.
    – Page flipping is jumpy.
    – Scrolling is laggy.
    – The app keeps forgetting which book is in the offline bookshelf.
    – Unable to start the app up in offline mode when no WiFi is available.

    I am using a 64GB iPad 2.

    This is one of those rare cases where the web experience is actually *better*!

  9. Jon

    – Additionally after upgrade to 2.0.2 the offline book was lost
    – Offline book consistently forgets place that I stopped reading
    – Wouldn’t be a problem if page numbers were listed on the pages
    – (Feature request) pages remaining in chapter listed on pages
    – Offline book consistently goes blank then either jumps back several pages, or closes entirely
    – Offline book sometimes fails to load and will not load again until iPad is rebooted.

    Having said all that, a buggy app is still better than no ap at all. I love the idea fo the offline bookbag, that is my perferred way of reading books on iPad.

  10. PatrickI

    I’ve accepted the fact that the app is limited to WiFi and not 3G, and we are limited to one book in the offline bookbag for now. The problem is that the book will NOT stay stored in the offline bookbag! I pre-load the book when I’m at home (and yes it says the book fully loads). Then then next day either still at home or when I’m at the airport I go to the app and it is requiring me to log in again (?! And no I did not log into SafariBooksOnline from any other device elsewhere in the interim). And once I do, the Offline BookBag is empty! Over and over I load in the same book, only to be forced to re-log into the app again and have to book disappear.

      • PatrickI

        Ok, Customer Service did send me an email acknowledging and confirming the existence of the problem, and a few days later a new version was released fixing the problem of the book disappearing from the offline bookbag. Yay! Great job, and thank you.
        I can confirm that the fix works: just now I tried to use Safari To Go, and then the screen flickered and asked me to log in again. I logged in, and checked the offline bookbag, and the book was still there!
        The question now becomes: so why do I have to keep on logging in?!
        Also, as noted by Jon and Jason above, frequently the screen will just go black (except for the status bar on top) and even if you leave the app and go back into it the screen stays black. Currently the only fix is to press the round home button to exit the app, then double-press the round home button to enter app-switching mode, find and press and hold the round home button a small x appears on the safari-to-go icon on bottom so you can quit the app. Then restart the app.

    • Andrew Savikas

      We fixed that (very frustrating!) bug several weeks ago. Please let me know if you’re still running into it after updating the app to the latest release, and I’ll make sure someone’s in touch to diagnose.

  11. Mark

    I have a problem with offline books as well. Opened a book online. Works great. As soon as I put it into my offline bookbag, I can no longer access it. It is simply blank… even if I remove it from my offline bookbag. Killing and restarting Safari to Go does not help, nor does resetting the ipad. Only solution is to remove the app and reinstall it. I can then at least access the content of the book again (albeit only in online mode).

  12. Andy Dent

    I have certainly experienced a disappearing offline book with 2.0.4. It seemed coincident with being logged out of Safari to Go, which I’m not sure if was due to having reset the iPad or logging into Safari on at least two different other computers. I will pay more attention to my usage patterns with 2.0.5 and see if it recurs.

    On the topic of network access for usage, firstly there’s fundamental problem that network access should not block the UI – Safari to Go is an extreme example of blocking.

    Secondly, it blocks things like the Favourites displays loading which shouldn’t have anything to do with usage. I haven’t the time or inclination to examine the app in detail but have wondered based on its small size if it is implemented primarily as a web app and has very little offline caching. On a slow network, you can see it having to go off to the network to load the thumbnails of books in your favourites folders, which it has displayed many times before. It would be interesting to know if StG is a hybrid or fully-native app. If I’m right, it has certainly discouraged me from considering hybrid development. I’m sympathetic to the pressure the developers must be under which implies it’s not easy for them to improve things ;-)

    • Andrew Savikas

      It’s a native app, but one built around a web API (kinda like Netflix, which has similar dependencies on connectivity for most functions). Safari was built over the past decade with the assumption it would be used via the browser, while online — a streaming service. Those assumptions are reflected in the API used to build the app. I’m acutely aware of how different the world is from when many of those architectural decisions were made, and can absolutely understand your clear frustration; I’d feel the same way in your shoes. I know we’ll continue to improve, and hope we do so fast enough to keep you as a customer!

  13. Trevor Roberts Jr. (@RaZaKKaZaR)

    Hello Team,

    Loving the new App. Even though I kept a copy of the original version, I don’t even think about using it.

    Any update on when we can expect support for more books in the Offline Bookbag?

    If 10 is currently a problem, maybe you can start with 5?


  14. Gustavo

    Hello Andrew, how are you doing?
    I’ve just bought a learning package from Cisco, which is offered by Safari.
    Do you know if I’ll be able to access it through my Iconia Tab, and when?
    Thank you, and keep the good work!

    • Safari Books Online


      I’m answering for Andrew because he is unavailable for a few weeks.

      You should be able to access Safari Books Online on your Iconia Tab via our mobile site,

      From your Iconia Tab, log into the Cisco portal and then go to the Safari Books Online site. Once you are on the Safari Books Online site, click the “Switch to Mobile Version” link at the footer. Once you click the link it will switch you to our mobile site (

      Please let me know if you have any questions.


  15. John

    Safari to go is awesome – I love the offline book capability and I like that I don’t have to scroll to the left side of the page to read text, then scroll to the right side to hit the “Next”. The mobile site is reasonably useful except that the reflow of text doesn’t work quite right all the time.

    When will Safari to Go be available for Android tablets?

    I’m willing to beta test it!

    • Safari Books Online

      Thank you for your feedback. We are so glad you like Safari To Go.

      We are working on an Android app that should be available the first half of 2012. I will let the mobile team know that you are interested in being a beta tester.

      Thank you!

  16. Nils

    Hi. I, too am anxiously waiting for the android app.
    I would also be willing to beta-test. I own a Tablet as well as an older phone, both are android devices.

  17. Gary Bisaga

    If you are looking for beta testers for android, I’d love to do it. I use STG all the time on my iPad and would love to use it on my new android tablet too. Thanks!

  18. Pat

    I have version 2.0.8 – but am unable to zoom into pictures! A new window opens but nothing is drawn inside the window – is this a know bug?

  19. ezuall

    I’m really loving Safari Books! Can’t wait for the Android app though, any way to sign up for Beta testing when it’s available?

  20. Guillermo Pérez

    Another suscriptor that wants to be in the beta test of Android App. I hope it will be soon available.

  21. Ayhan Binici

    I think a lot of people are impatiently waiting for the Android-version of your app, including myself.

    Can you please give an approximate time-frame for when it will be out for beta? You mentioned first half of 2012?

    And please sign me up for beta-testing :)