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The brand-new Safari To Go iPad App is now available worldwide for free in the App Store. A detailed rundown of what’s been addressed from the 1.0 version is available in this post, and I’ve included screenshots below. If you’re a Safari Books Online subscriber, the App gives you streaming access to over 35,000 books and videos (and if you’re not yet a subscriber, sign up for a free 10-day trial to check it out). If you have a previous version of Safari To Go installed on you iPad, please check the App Store for updates to get the new version.

We’ve already got lots of new features in the pipeline, and will be updating and enhancing the app regularly, and we look forward to your feedback and suggestions for making Safari To Go the best it can be. I personally use Safari Books Online all the time, and as I’ve been testing this app over the past several weeks, I find myself using Safari more than ever before (an experience echoed by quite a few of the beta testers).

The app initially includes access to one book at a time in an “offline bookbag” mode. As I mentioned before, that was one of the buggiest features in the 1.0 version of the app, and while we do want to expand the offline capability, we want to confirm the feature works well for a large number of users (beyond the 100-device limit allowed by Apple for pre-release testing) before expanding it.

Here’s some screenshots to give you a peek at what to expect from the Safari To Go app. The main page gives you quick access to what’s new, what’s popular, and what you’ve recently viewed, along with a Search box:


Most of the books in Safari are presented in reflowable (and resizable) HTML. In the case of titles provided by the publisher in PDF-only, you’ll see images of those pages:


Searching from within a book delivers results from just that title:

Search in book

Search results from the main screen include both books and videos:


We’ve really enjoyed working with Ken Yarmosh and his team on this app, and we look forward to hearing your feedback on Safari To Go 2.0!



About the Author

Andrew Savikas, Chief Executive Officer

Andrew Savikas is the Chief Executive Officer at Safari Books Online. Prior to his appointment as CEO, he held the positions of VP of Digital Initiatives at O’Reilly Media Program Chair for O’Reilly’s Tools of Change for Publishing conference , and interim Chief Executive Officer of Safari Books Online. Andrew blogs at and, and is also a regular contributor to the O’Reilly Radar blog and to “Book: A Futurist’s Manifesto,” a collection of essays on the future of publishing, Andrew previously led the digital publishing and ebook program and strategy for O’Reilly Media, including both print and digital production of all O’Reilly books. He sits on the board for the Book Industry Study Group and is on advisory boards for Bookshare and the University of Michigan Press. He frequently speaks at technology and publishing conferences all over the world and is also the author of “Word Hacks: Tips & Tools for Taming your Text“.

Andrew holds a B.S. in Media Studies from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and an MBA from Northeastern University in Boston.


140 Responses to “Safari To Go 2.0 iPad App Now Available Worldwide”

  1. MeMe

    Y U No Have 3G :P
    I Hope In A Future Update You Add This!

    • Andrew Savikas

      Yes, we’ll be adding 3G support in a future update.

      • Trevor

        Hello Andrew,

        First, I LOVE the new version. WAY more refined than the first version despite the limited offline bookbag and WiFi restriction.

        About that last point, was the 3G network speed the concern? I connected by setting up my iPhone as a hotspot, and I was able to populate my Offline Bookbag just fine.


        PS EAGERLY looking forward to the version that expands the Offline Bookbag and adds 3G support ;-)

        • Andrew Savikas

          Thanks for the feedback! It will work via 3G hotspot (the iPad thinks it’s on wifi of course), but in our testing the performance was too poor, even for browsing. Most offline books will load fine on 3G (since they’re relatively small files), but the ones for which our publishers have only supplied PDF, the file size is a big issue (many are 200MB+). Given the decline of unlimited data plans, that’s a big challenge. We’re working hard on some updates to expand what the app can do on 3G, and look forward to hearing what you think.

      • Dongbum

        when can I use this app with 3G envrionment?
        It’s not enough using under wifi network with IPAD. :(

        • Andrew Savikas

          Soon! After extensive testing we isolated a number of API improvements that should get us where we need to be for 3G access (which is also obviously a prerequisite for an iPhone app). I can’t give you a date just yet, but we are working on it.

  2. Mark

    I’m getting a “Login Issue Invalid Login” error. Don’t know if it makes any difference, but my email address has a “+” in it.

  3. Andre

    Before too many people jump in with negative comments about not having 3G support.

    I would like like to say thank you for releasing the application. It is better to get it in the hands of customers than trying to make it feature rich.

    Every one with an iPad has WiFi, not every one has 3G.

    • dave hall

      Yes, but not everyone has a wifi network handy where 3G is (virtually) everywhere.

      • Andre

        The point is to get the application to the widest user base as soon as possible.

      • Eric Wright

        I agree. It would be silly to postpone the app for this reason. Get people using it and then use that feedback to improve it even more.

  4. Scott Warren

    First of all, thank you for all the improvements in general but especially in the book download feature (I had given up on using the app in v1 because this didn’t work when I needed it). I’m looking forward to being able to download more than one book when you think it will scale. For me this is the whole reason to use the app because I don’t have access to the internet all the time. :-)

    When I close one book and open another it looses track of my position in the first book. Is this expected behavior or a bug?

    • Andrew Savikas

      It should remember position across books (that’s what I see when I use the app), so we’ll follow up with you directly to try and diagnose. In the meantime, you can return to where you were by using the Recently Viewed item in the Favorites screen

  5. Gordon McGregor

    Got the app this morning and read a few chapters of a couple of books. A vast improvement on the previous experience. Very much improved and a great basis to build more features upon. Thank you!

    Noticed slight strange UI behavior when trying to delete a favorites folder: there was a delete button that didn’t do anything and an (X) button that did remove the folder

  6. Daryl

    First off, thanks for getting this into our hands earlier with basic functionality, rather than much later with more complete functionality. This version looks like a great start along the path to having a rich Safari experience on the iPad. Congratulations on releasing version 2.

    However, in this initial version, you may want to look at search performance though. My first search took almost a minute to return the results on a strong wi-fi connection. Subsequent searches are taking in the order of 20 seconds or so. Is this performance degradation a function of the increased volume of users using the app now that it’s released or is it trying to download all the book covers before displaying the results?


    • Andrew Savikas

      The current search API returns a lot of data, and so we’re working on revising the API on the server side, as well as changes on the app side to improve search performance. And there’s probably a bit of a congestion issue — there’s a lot of people trying out the app right now — though still below typical volume for the service overall. Improving search is a priority for future releases, so thanks for the feedback!

  7. Eric Wright

    Great job guys! This is amazing and exactly what I was hoping for. SO much easier than using the web app. Definitely worth the wait. Thank you for making this happen!

    Will you be adding the ability to highlight and add notations in a future release? If so, then this would be beyond perfect.

    • Andrew Savikas

      Thanks! And yes, we will be adding those features in a future release.

      • Eric Wright

        Also can we put a READ button on the book overview page? Right now it takes two taps to open a book – first summary and then “Start Reading”.

      • André Faria Gomes

        Hi Andrew,

        Thanks Again!

        Is the highlight to be released soon?

        I not using the app much, because for the way I study, is a very important feature of a reading app. But I love SafariBooks. And I’m looking forward to have the feature.

        Thanks very much, and congratulations for the excellent product you guys are building.

        • Hugo

          I completely agree. I highlight every book I read and then after reading the book I go back and take notes on what I’ve highlighted. The iPad app has come a long way and it’s great to see the investment made in it but highlighting is a critical feature holding me (and I’m sure others) back from really using this service. Even if highlighting was only made available for the new books in ePub only format it would make a improvement.

          Even if highlighting is a challenge, adding a notes feature would also make a large improvement because at least I could note what I wanted to highlight.

          How close on your roadmap is highlighting and notes for the iPad?

          Keep up the great work!

  8. Cody

    Thanks Andrew and congrats on getting this much improved version out the door. I also appreciate you keeping us up-to-date as things go along.

    Before I try the offline bookbag, I just want to make sure of one thing: since the limit is currently one book, does that mean I am “permanently” stuck with the first book I download, or can I download another when and replace the existing one when I’m done reading it? It seems like a stupid question but then again deleting the old one to replace it with a new one seems kind of silly too since it was already downloaded and the bandwidth was already used… ?

    I just want to add my vote to expand the offline bookbag as this is the number one reason for me to have the app.

    • Andrew Savikas

      Very good question. You can indeed swap out books in the bookbag, no need to worry about losing the spot.

  9. Amy

    This app can’t be used for people accessing your collections through library subscriptions, right?

  10. Buffer G. Overflow

    First impression: can’t login via WiFi, receive unhelpful error message blaming it on the Internet. No problem logging in with the browser, so I know I’ve got my credentials right. Opening an issue with tech support…

  11. dave hall

    I downloaded the app today without realizing the WiFi restriction. Unfortunately, it uninstalled the original version I had with a full bookbag. *sigh*
    I’ll have to find a Starbucks at lunch to see how this will work — please focus on a larger bookbag and 3G support for a later release. I feel that these are really the only things stopping this from making it an incredible App.

    Thanks for all your hard work in bringing this to us!

  12. Graham Clark

    I’m really happy to see the app is finally out, seems great so far. Just wanted to mention one issue I’ve noticed is that searching from my favorites area doesn’t seem to work, I just get the spinning icon in both the book and video areas and regardless of how long I wait no results appear. However, searching from the Home area seems to work fine. So not a major issue but perhaps something to look into?

    If there’s a better place to report bugs/issues please let me know and I’ll post this there instead.

  13. Gary

    I’ve been looking forward to this app since missing out on the previous version, however I’m unable to login. I’ve double checked my user/password and also checked I can still login via mobile safari, but any attempt to login with the app produces

    “The login failed, most likely cause was the internet, please try again”

    Anyone else having this problem?

    • Gary

      The “login failed, most likely..” message appears if I change the user name to an invalid setting. When username is correct, and the password invalid I get “Invalid Password” and when both username and password are correct I once again get the “login failed, most likely…” message.

      • David Leal

        I get the same error. Do you happen to have non alphanumeric chars on your password, Gary? I do, and I get the same error. I tried logging in with abc123 and I got ‘Invalid Password’. The “login failed” message appears so fast that I’m sure it’s not even going out to check the credentials.

    • Gary

      This isn’t something to do with subscription level is it? Does the 5 slot bookshelf not allow reading via the app or offline use of a book in your bookshelf?

      Is anyone else using the 5 slot bookshelf option able to login?

      • Andrew Savikas

        Customers on the 5-slot plan should be able to access the app. I’ve asked our support team to investigate and follow up with you directly.

      • Mark

        I can’t log in either, as mentioned above, and I’m not on the 5 slot sub.

    • Buffer G. Overflow

      I’ve responded out-of-thread below. I’ve opened up a support request and suggest you do the same. I think there’s at least an issue with passwords longer than fifteen characters, and there may be further problems with what types of characters are used.

      • Sylvain R.

        Could not login either. I have a strong password (using Password Touch and Password safe) made out of upper/lower cases, numbers and symbols, 12 digits.

        • Safari Books Online

          I’m sorry for your troubles. Unfortunately, at this time, subscribers cannot have special characters in their passwords (ie., %, &, $ #, etc.). The workaround: You need to change your password to one that does not include one of those characters. To do that, you must login to the full site and click on the “My Account” link at the top right side of the page. We plan to address this issue in a future release of the app.

      • Buffer G. Overflow

        Safari Books Online: You lost me at “special” characters. Don’t you mean non-alphanumeric characters? It’s a bug if a password is accepted by the password change page but not by the app. It’s another bug if the app knows it can’t accept otherwise valid passwords and can’t manage to express that as a coherent error message.

        • Andrew Savikas

          It’s a bug, but it’s an API bug, not the app itself. Definitely an annoying bug at that, so I’m going to personally look into it and try to get fixed ASAP.

      • Bill

        Just close the app via double clicking the home button and try again, worked for me. I had this error after I entered my password wrong too many times.

  14. Buffer G. Overflow

    This is the issue I mentioned previously. I’m using the same user ID and password as works with in Mobile Safari. I’ve already opened up a support request for this. You wouldn’t happen to have a long password, would you?

    Here’s what I see as I continue to try to sort this out: I enter my correct user name and password and get the message blaming the internet. I truncate that password to fifteen characters, and I get an invalid password error. If I add back a correct character, it’s the Internet’s fault again. If I add an incorrect character, I get an invalid password error.

  15. Dave Aiello

    Thank you very much for staying the course and getting this new version of the iPad app on to the App Store. I got an iPad 2 shortly after it was released, and expected to be able to better utilize my Safari subscription right away.

    I was surprised when I learned that the iPad app was between versions, and wasn’t really available. The web client never felt smooth enough on the iPad. I hope that this new version of the app is a big step forward.

  16. David Parkes

    We have an institutional subscription – how can our users access the sub throught the app?

    • Andrew Savikas

      It’s covered on the support page, but in brief you first log in via the browser on the iPad, and then you’ll see a banner near the footer with a link to launch the app; the app will open and you’ll be logged in.

      • Felicia

        Unfortunately this doesn’t work for academic subscriptions. Our users can not create individual accounts. Is there any other way for us to use the app?

      • Anonymous

        I have a IEEE account and can’t find this link “switch to iPad”

        • Safari Books Online

          The type of account that IEEE chose to offer is a basic Safari Books Online account without access to the Safari To Go App. If you are interested in utilizing the Safari To Go App, you are able to upgrade to the Premium account which is offered at a discount through IEEE.

  17. Steve Holden

    I’m looking forward to installing this as one of the first apps on my iPad 2 (when it finally arrives ;-).

    I suspect you’ve already addressed this elsewhere, but have you any plans to release an iPhone version?

    I’d find even a cut-down version of the iPad app really useful for offline reading on my iPhone (which I’m more likely to have with me than the iPad).

  18. Eldo

    I think the updated application is great. Thank You to all the developers at Safaribooksonline.

    One bug I noticed is that if you have a special character(like #) in your password, the login fails with an error:
    Login Issue
    Missing required parameter

  19. Joey

    Very awesome for releasing this app! Boooo to no 3G support. I’m glad that you are trying to give users a great experience out of the gate; however, I’m very concerned about the time that releasing 2.0 took. Will the 3G support be coming soon or will this take another year? :(


    • Andrew Savikas

      It certainly won’t take a year, I can promise you that much!

  20. Eyal

    Love it! I don’t really care about the 3G access- glad you didn’t wait for it to be ready and released the app as soon as you could. Love the black background mode! It’s very helpful when reading in bed :)
    My wish-list:
    – More books in the bookbag.
    – from the web version, after searching for a book, have the option to open it in the app. The online search has more features so I’ll probably use it more often.
    – after cLosing the app from the iPad tray it doesn’t remember the view setting (I.e. White on black)

  21. Nick

    Can those of us with an academic license not use the iPad app?

    • Safari Books Online

      We are working on an update that will allow those who access Safari Books Online via their academic library to take advantage of the Safari To Go for iPad app.

      • Neha

        Hi! Is this feature now available? Can students with academic account make use of this app? Thank you.

        • Safari Books Online


          Each academic institution has a different subscription type. We have asked a representative follow up with you directly regarding your question.


  22. Penny

    First, thanks for updating the Safari app; it’s much improved since the first version. One comment and a couple of feature suggestions.

    It’s great to have native touch gestures, namely swiping to switch pages. But the scrolling between pages is a bit erratic: sometimes the new page appears at once, sometimes the page slides. I don’t know if this is a caching/buffering issue, but I would like to see consistency and personally prefer some animation for the transition between pages (see any of the ebook or PDF readers).

    A couple of small feature suggestions:
    (1) If I already have a book in my favorites I would like to be able to add it to my Offline Bookbag through the edit feature, not just by tapping on the book and then having to tap on add it favorite (after, it already is a favorite)
    (2) When I added a book to my Offline Bookbag, there wasn’t much feedback that anything happened. In fact I completely missed the progress bar, probably because it was small and in the shadowed area. Since I didn’t think anything was happening, I tried adding again. At this point, the download was hanging and I had to log out and log back in (and this time I saw the progress bar).
    (3) Since I started the process of adding a book to my Offline Bookbag from Favorites, I expected the Favorites list to be updated (i.e., the Bookbag would now 1 item). It didn’t update until I moved away from Favorites and came back. I assume this would be fixed automatically if we could use the edit mechanism add an existing favorite to the Bookbag.

  23. Harvey Thompson

    Downloaded late last night, and so far I’m very happy to see V2.0 is a dramatic improvement over the previous version.

    This application is the sort of thing I *will* show off to my colleagues; “Look I’ve got 14,000 books in here.” This is the sort of application that will make people buy iPads and subscribe to Safari Books Online.

    I’m sure there’s a few issues to resolve in subsequent versions, but you’ve listened well to your customers and come back with a big hitter. Congratulations all!

  24. Penny

    First, thanks for updating the Safari app; it’s much improved since the first version. A couple of comments and a couple of feature suggestions.

    It’s great to have native touch gestures, namely swiping to switch pages. But the scrolling between pages is a bit erratic: sometimes the new page appears at once, sometimes the page slides. I don’t know if this is a caching/buffering issue, but I would like to see consistency and personally prefer some animation for the transition between pages (see any of the ebook or PDF readers).

    Also I suspect that the performance issues aren’t just in downloading books to the bookbag. I’ve found that if I try to jump to a distant section from the table of contents, I see a blank page. There’s really no feedback other than the occasional spinning wheel in the menu bar. After I left the iPad for a while, I assume the book was finally cached and I could navigate all over the book and have the screen refresh in a reasonable amount of time.

    A couple of small feature suggestions:
    (1) If I already have a book in my favorites I would like to be able to add it to my Offline Bookbag through the edit feature, not just by tapping on the book and then having to tap on add it favorite (after, it already is a favorite)
    (2) When I added a book to my Offline Bookbag, there wasn’t much feedback that anything happened. In fact I completely missed the progress bar, probably because it was small and in the shadowed area. Since I didn’t think anything was happening, I tried adding again. At this point, the download was hanging and I had to log out and log back in (and this time I saw the progress bar).
    (3) Since I started the process of adding a book to my Offline Bookbag from Favorites, I expected the Favorites list to be updated (i.e., the Bookbag would now 1 item). It didn’t update until I moved away from Favorites and came back. I assume this would be fixed automatically if we could use the edit mechanism add an existing favorite to the Bookbag.

  25. Marcos Scriven

    Thanks for this – as others said, a huge improvement on the first attempt. Much smoother UI experience

    Three requests:

    1) Please make this a universal binary – I always have my iphone with me, and it’s great to read a paragraph or two while waiting in a queue, waiting for that code to compile, going to the toilet (or bathroom as you say :)

    2) 3g download – I can’t use wifi when I’m out, corporate networks don’t generally allow one to connect non-company devices

    3) More than one book in the Offline book bag

    BTW, I found selecting a book for offline reading a little confusing – I was looking for a ‘Read offline’ button, but instead you have to ‘Add favourite’, and then choose the offline bag.

    Plus, if looking at your books in the ‘Favourites’ screen, on ‘My Folder’ – selecting ‘Edit’, choosing a book, and then ‘Add To…’, doesn’t give you the option of adding to Offline bookbag

    Took me a while to actually select the book, then choose ‘Add to favourites’, and then choose offline bookbag… just seems more of a faf than it needs to be.

    • Andrew Savikas

      Thanks for the UI feedback, one of those things that feels normal when you’ve been looking at it for several weeks, but I can see how it’s not intuitive. We can’t do an iPhone version until we fix the 3G performance, but we’re definitely working on both!

  26. Chris B

    A huge improvement over the original version. Will there ever be a way to increase the size of the text in non-html books?

    • Andrew Savikas

      That’s a bit tricky with PDF-based pages (delivered to the app as images), but it’s something we’re trying to implement (at least a pinch to zoom).

  27. Gary

    Changing my password resolved the login error. After using the app for a short time I agree with the comments about adding the offline book been confusing at first.

    Page turns feel sluggish too, maybe due to the use of images rather than text? In some ways I actual prefer the HTML version accessed via safari, it just feels like a smoother experience. Is there not a way to provide a HTML version in the app? Seems like it’d help with the loading lag downloading text rather than images, it’d also allow zooming with reflow.

    That said, i’m happy to put up with rough edges in order to have offline support. If you can extend that in the future to your entire bookshelf, that’d be great.

    • Andrew Savikas

      We only do page view (vs HTML) if that’s all we have from the publisher. As more publishers shift to ebook (EPUB) output for their titles, we’ll see fewer PDF-only titles. As for the password bug, that should be fixed with the next release; sorry for the annoyance.

      • Gary

        The change to ePub is good to hear. After having a book open in the app for a while, the page turns are now quite responsive, so i’m guessing it’s just sluggish initially until sufficient caching has occurred? The only minor quibble is theres a grey background that appears between page turns, if that could be changed to white? Overall this version of the app is a big improvement on the previous and was worth the delay :)

        • Andrew Savikas

          The grey is useful in testing to confirm the content is loading properly, but agree it’s a bit distracting while reading. We’ll address in a future release.

  28. Daryl

    Noticed a minor bug. For larger font sizes, code listings may extend beyond the right hand side of the page since they are not wrapped. This results in a horizontal scrollbar on the page, which traps the page swipe event. The scrollbar does not appear until you actually swipe, so it’s a little unintuitive what the problem is. Workaround is to decrease the font size or change pages by tapping instead. An example is the code listings at the end of the Table Module section of Fowler’s Patterns of Enterprise Architecture (at the largest or second largest font sizes). Is this still the right place to be posting our feedback? Thanks.

  29. Gary

    I think I’ve encountered a bug. Reading one of the c++ books in portrait mode, there’s a section of example code that scrolls off to the right. Swiping to turn the page simply scrolls to the right to view the code rather than turning the page.

    There’s no way to get the page to turn out side of using the slider at the bottom from what I can see. Might be worth modifying the behaviour to allow a slow swipe to scroll, or two fingered? Whilst keeping a quick swipe as always turning the page.

  30. Adrian

    Is it likely that IEEE members using the cut-down Safari library will be able to use the app at some point? It doesn’t seem to work right now.

  31. Adrian

    Is it likely that IEEE members using the cut-down Safari library will be able to use the app at some point? It doesn’t seem to work right now.

  32. Aaron

    The app looks great. However, I can’t figure out how to use it with my school’s academic account since we aren’t given individual logins. I tried logging in via the browser but didn’t see a banner to launch the app. What am I missing?

  33. boo yip

    Never used the old app but very pleased with what I’ve seen so far of v2.0.1. Like many, I used my safari subscription as a major motive in the self-justification process of ipad acquisition. As some sort of guage for you, I have my desktop PC monitor in front of me and am already preferring to use the iPad app than to read titles on a 20 inch monitor. Congrats on the release Andrew – have the rest of the week off!

  34. Chris

    Many thanks for this. As others have said, a substantial improvement over the first version. I’d like to report a bug, though – and a workaround. When I download a pdf-based book to the bookbag, and then try to read it away from a wifi connection, each page appears for a fraction of a second then disappears, leaving a white screen. If I swipe to other pages, or use the slider, the new page again appears for a short period then disappears. The workaround is to switch to flight mode – this issue only seems to happen while connected to 3G.

    • Traci

      Hi Chris.

      This issue will be resolved in the next version. Look for it int he App Store soon.

      Thank you.

  35. Penny

    Hiya, have you got or are you getting an android version?

  36. Shane

    I’m glad to have the app.. but am eagerly awaiting a new version which fixes a huge bug I’ve ran into where an empty page will show up when I swipe fwd but if I go fwd again then back that empty page now has the content it should have had. Reported this and a few other smaller issues via the Contact Us -> Product Feedback form.

    • Shane

      Very interesting.. after reading Eric’s post below I’ve realized my blank pages are just really slow load times.. I’ve got an iPad 2.. I can’t imagine how annoying this would be if I was on just an iPad…

      oh well at least I have a work-around for now.. sit and wait :)

  37. jason

    Congrats on getting this out, I have been very excited about this!

    Two features on my wish-list (perhaps these features are already there!):
    1) ability to take notes, similar to the features in ibooks/kindle. Ability to scan notes and jump to the page to which the note refers or search notes would be great!
    2) ability to tell what chapter I am currently in. Because I use techie books by jumping around, it is useful to be able to sometimes pull back and see the context of the page: where does the page I am currently on fall in the table of contents.

    Congrats again on a successful release!

    • Andrew Savikas

      We’ll be addressing both of those soon (likely the latter first). Thanks for the feedback!

  38. Eric Wright

    Where’s the best place to post feedback? The app is a great improvement and I’m sure we all want it to be the best it can be. Now that I’ve been using it for about a day I’m realizing some improvements are definitely needed. I realize that this is a “rough draft” so some of these things you may be aware of already:

    1) Agree with an earlier post, we need page numbers and/or chapter/section indicators on the page you are reading. Otherwise, you don’t really know where you are in the book – especially if you’re cross referencing multiple books.

    2) The table of contents is missing chapter numbers!

    3) The Table of Contents needs to remember its scroll marker relative to where you are in the book. It’s highly annoying if you are at the end of the book and want to jump to a nearby chapter that you have to SCROLL all the way from the beginning of the TOC.

    4) The current chapter you are reading should be bolded (or made to stand out visually in some way) in the Table of Contents.

    5) Bookmarks are buggy. For some reason I have multiple bookmarks of the same page in my book that point to different page numbers. I am unable to delete either of them. (The bookmark manager does not work at all.)

    6) I would like to be able to bookmark a *page* not just an entire chapter.

    7) There should be “swipe to delete” capability in every list.

    8) There should be a “Read” button next to each book in a list to save you that extra tap.

    9) This was mentioned in an earlier comment but I too have found the “remember” feature of the last page you’ve read to be buggy. It “kind of” works (puts you in the vicinity but not the exact page or occasionally gets it right).

    10) As mentioned before, the ability to add annotations and highlighting is a highly desirable feature. A link to your annotations could go in the section where your bookmarks are on your Favorites page.

    11) Ability to pinch and zoom in on images embedded in a book. I like the popup window but sometimes it still is a little too small and makes it hard to read text in a diagram for example.

    12) HTML entity rendering bug – Occasionally I see things like — in the book text. It seems to me these should be translated into their proper entity.

    13) Table sizing bug – mentioned before but sometimes a table will exceed the size of the page and disable the swipe navigation – meaning you can’t easily advance to the next page.

    14) Loading page indicator – sometimes I get a blank white page which takes a while to load content. It would be nice to have a visual indicator that the page is loading so I don’t think I’m staring at an intentionally blank page.

    I like the overall navigation of the app. That is very well done. Some of these things are just fine tuning I believe (although annotations would certainly constitute a feature request albeit a critical one). If I can help in any way with the testing of this app please let me know.

    Great job you guys. Very excited to see this finally come to fruition!

    • Eric Wright

      * The input filter on WordPress altered some of my content. The smiley is point number 8 and let me try number 12 again:

      HTML entity rendering bug – Occasionally I see things like — in the book text. It seems to me these should be translated into their proper entity.

      • Eric Wright

        P.S. It would also be nice to be able to sort books in my favorite folders via the “Edit” feature. Same with bookmarks, annotations, etc.

  39. M

    So there is no way to use the app through an academic subscription?

  40. Eric Wright

    Here’s another bug: Switching from landscape to portrait via the accelerometer progressively causes your place in the book to move backwards until eventually you arrive at the beginning of the chapter. Very disorienting. This action should not cause you to lose your place in your book.

    • Andrew Savikas

      Yes, I hit that myself as well. We’ve fixed it and it will be resolved in the next update (along with the password bug other commenters have described).

      • Eric Wright


        P.S. Sorry for the stream of consciousness bug reports. This really is a fantastic app – just want to help you fellas iron out the kinks if I can.

  41. Eric Wright

    One more bug (Similar to the table sizing bug) – when viewing a book in landscape if a page’s vertical size exceeds the viewport, it causes unnecessary vertical scrolling and you cannot move past that page by swiping on it.

    • Eric Wright

      Actually this isn’t limited to landscape mode. It’s any mode. Take a look at O’Reilly Essential SNMP chapter 1 for instance and you should see it. I’m running into the issue around section 1.2.4.

  42. Adrian

    Sorry to ask again, but will IEEE (and presumably ACM) members with the limited Safari access be able to use this – I’m sure I read somewhere that it was supposed to be possible in this update, but can’t see how.

    • Andrew Savikas

      You should be able to access the app by first logging in via the iPad browser. You’ll then see a banner in the footer to launch the app, and you’ll be logged in.

      • Adrian

        There’s nothing like that in the footer that I can see – is it supposed to be on all pages or only when on the bookshelf or reading a book?

      • Adrian

        This doesn’t seem to be the case – are IEEE (and presumably) ACM “free” memberships excluded (i.e. the 600 book library version of Safari)?

  43. Gavin Adams

    Fantastic addition for my new iPad 2. Is there a way to report issues? I tried the offline bookbag on the IPv6 for Enterprise Networks. The TOC is selectable, as is search, but when going to any pages in the book, they are blank. This is true for both online and offline reading (via the app).

    Works fine in my browser. I did have the app crash while downloading the book, so maybe there is some corrupted cache. Is there any way to wipe the local cache for the application itself?

  44. Phillip Smith

    Offline book bag doesn’t work for me. Put the bad in (which is a little awkward to do), watch it download, and then nothing. Offline bookbag shows 0 books.

    Underwhelmed. :(

  45. amit jain

    Hey Guys,

    This is great. This app is the best app on Ipad. Thanks for your hard work. Keep up the great work. All my colleagues who saw this app on my Ipad today are going to buy Ipads soon just for this App.

    God Bless you all

  46. Michael Burgess


    Thanks for the updated app – I’ve found one issue though.

    I’ve not got broadband yet, so set up a personal hotspot on my iPhone. I downloaded a book (Clean Code) to the offline book bag. I then turned off my personal hotspot and when I went back to the app I had the offline book to read.

    Went back to the app about 1hr later and now don’t have the offline book, so set up the hotspot again, went back into the app and it claims that the book is in the offline folder.

    Turned off the hotspot, but cannot see the offline book at all. I’ve tried quitting the app and restarting, but still no joy.

    This is a shame, as the offline feature is what I need to read on my underground commute! Please can you look into it?


  47. Dan Salmon

    Thanks for the updated release. I have been enjoying access via my iPad, but wonder at the current 1 book limit for the ‘offline book bag’. Here’s my vote for a bigger book bag, it is a major convenience/useability issue for me as I do a lot of travelling away from Wifi access.

    Look forward to further enhancements.

    Dan Salmon

    • Safari Books Online

      Hello Dan,

      We are working on increasing the number of books users are able to add to their offline book bag. Watch for that in a future release.


  48. Ben

    Hi Guys,

    Great job, it’s a big improvement! Do you have somewhere to report bugs? I’ve noticed a few little things and I’d like to participate in making the app better.

    The biggest issue is that offline mode doesn’t seem to work on starting the app if I’m not connected to a wifi network, all I get is the start screen saying I have to log on. If I enable my wifi access point after that I can get in a read my offline book.

    Also, do you still have a beta program for testing out the next releases? If so I’d like to volunteer as I’m going on holiday soon and more than one offline book would be a HUGE help (not much wifi where I’m going!)

  49. Roy Wagner

    Having been a proponent of the first version of this app, I am very impressed with its second release. This app is DEFINITELY one of the best reading apps available.

    I am glad to see that most of the aforementioned bugs are being worked on since I have also noticed and been affected by a few of them.

    Nearly everyone at the company I work for has an iPad. I will definitely recommend this app to them. I read in previous posts of educational and IEEE subscription plans. Do you also have corporation plans or subscription discounts. Or is there a way for a company to set up a company library of recommended books that any employee could access much like an individual subscription?

  50. Anna Galyon

    I am really enjoying the Safari To Go app on my iPad, but have seen some bugs with the app on iPad 2. My colleage with the newer iPad is having a difficulty time with the folders not updating correctly (A folder says it has 3 items, then he adds one… the folder momentarily says it has 4 items, but when you go into the folder, there are only 3, etc.). Is this a known issue with the iPad 2? It’s a little cruel for me to enjoy the app so much on my older iPad while watching someone else struggle with their shiny iPad 2. ;)
    Another thing we’ve noticed is that in the iPad 2 version, some books do not have the book icon, but rather have a video icon instead. We’re certain that they are books, and we know the app doesn’t support videos yet, so what might be causing this?
    Lastly, when trying to delete and item from a folder on the iPad 2, the app crashes. It crashes pretty consistently when trying to delete or even sometimes just move an item from a folder.

    Thanks so much for all your development efforts. I’m enjoying the product but would appreciate feedback on these bugs. :)

  51. Robert

    So glad to see the application released. I have not encountered any real problems with the application. I would like to request to see 2 feature upgrades.

    1) Have Video available for offline viewing.

    2) 3G support.

  52. Can Gencer

    This is great! but I think there is a bug when you minimize the app, or the screen is locked and you come back, it doesn’t seem to remember the last page you were on. It seems to go back to the beginning of the current section you are on.

    Another thing that would be nice is the “remember login” option, so you don’t need to type it everytime.

  53. Eric Veenendaal

    Will you be adding the ability to view books only in PDF view? I really can’t stand the html version of the books. The graphics are almost always off, and only having the ability to bookmark by chapter rather then by page is really bad for sporadic reading.

    Also, is there a better place for feedback?

    • Safari Books Online

      We do not have a PDF view available on Safari Books Online, however, you do not have to view books in HTML if you do not enjoy that experience. There are two ways to view books on our site – Flash and HTML. Our default is Flash. All books are available in Flash. Most titles are also available in HTML but you do not have to use the HTML view.

      If your books are automatically defaulting to the HTML view you can reset your default to Flash. When reading a book click the “HTML VIEW” button to toggle out of the HTML view into Flash. That will reset your default to Flash.

      You can provide feedback and get help from customer service here:

  54. Doug I

    Any advice for people who want to use the iPad app, but have subscriptions through the IEEE?

        • Safari Books Online

          If you have access to the Premium Library via IEEE (and not the custom 600 title library), you will be able to access Safari Books Online via the iPad app and our mobile website

          If you have the custom library and would like to upgrade, all you have to do is log into the library and click on “more content at a discount” button located after the “Welcome IEEE Members” message. Click on the “Learn More” to upgrade to the “My Premium Safari” account.

    • Craig Ellis

      Yes – Log into Safari via the browser on your iPad (through your company intranet.) once logged in, you should see a button to go to Safari To Go. Tap that, and you will be switched over to the App.

    • Sean Dunathan

      I would like to know the same thing. I just downloaded the app today…almost a year later and it doesn’t seem to support academic licenses yet. Maybe I’m wrong?

      • Craig Ellis

        You should contact your institution librarian and ask about the ability to use the Safari To Go App at your University.

        Craig Ellis
        Manager, Customer Support

  55. Angie Jones

    Can I get a representative to speak with me as well? I would like to use this app with my institution’s academic license

    • Craig Ellis

      I hope someone has been in touch with you by now. But you should contact your institution librarian and ask about the ability to use the Safari To Go App there.

      Craig Ellis
      Manager, Customer Support

  56. Hari

    Hi, I work as a lecturer at university of ballarat, Victoria, Australia. I access safari books through thevuniversity ID and through university library there anyway I can access the app through the university id..plz let me know

  57. Craig Ellis

    Hi Hari,

    As I’ve mentioned in a few comments above, you should contact the librarian for your institution.

    Craig Ellis
    Manager, Customer Support


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