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We launched a challenge that invites Safari Books Online subscribers to write a book or video review and in exchange for their review, we’ll enter their name into a drawing to win an eReader of their choice. We also invited non-subscribers to sign up for a free trial of Safari Books Online so they could get in on this challenge. The more reviews they write and share, the greater their chances of winning.

The following book was reviewed by Peter Tran, a Safari Books Online subscriber:

Here’s an overview of the book:

This essential reference is designed for database developers and administrators who need to write queries and develop code using Transact-SQL (T-SQL), the Microsoft implementation of the standard SQL language. Guided by SQL Server guru Itzik Ben-Gan, you’ll walk through the steps for writing queries, including retrieving and modifying data, with an overview of programmable objects supported by SQL Server 2008. Rather than focusing just on the syntactical elements of T-SQL, however, this book explains the logic behind the language – helping you develop a true, core understanding of the elements and how to use them. You will learn to think in terms of sets, and follow real-world best practices for T-SQL programming. To complement the learning experience, the book provides exercises to practice and apply what you’ve learned. And you’ll examine recommended solutions to compare with your own work. The entire book’s code samples will be available for download from the companion Web site.

Here is the review by Peter Tran:
I’ve been studying for Microsoft SQL Server 2008, Database Development certification 70-433 using Itzik Ben-Gan’s book Microsoft SQL Server 2008 T-SQL Fundamentals. Although this book doesn’t cover all the topics required for the exam, it does a better job of covering the relevant subject matter than most certification exam books. Even folks working with SQL Server for several years will greatly benefit reviewing the fundamentals. The author really understands SQL Server fundamental and does an outstanding job explaining the material. Anyone new to SQL will appreciate how clearly he explains each topic and makes it simple by showing both the how and the why. Those experienced with SQL Server will have many “ah-ha” moments. For example, Chapter 3 on Joins is the most lucid descriptions of the different types of join (inner, cross, outer) I’ve ever read for any database platform. Mr. Ben-Gan does a fantastic job of demonstrating both the ANSI SQL-89 vs. ANSI SQL-92 syntax and further points out why the ANSI SQL-92 syntax is better from a best-practice perspective. After reading this chapter, I have been exclusively using the ANSI SQL-92 syntax in my own work. All the chapters (except the last chapter 10: Programmable Objects) have an Exercise section at the end to help reinforce your knowledge. Some of the exercises are marked as advanced if you want to flex your skills. Moreover, he provides a detailed answer to each problem. The material in this book will help you establish a strong fundamental grounding to further study more advanced topics. This book will help you become a SQL Server Subject Matter Expert (SME) by providing that foundation.

Check out this book  Microsoft® SQL Server® 2008 T-SQL Fundamentals on Safari Books Online.

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