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Update: The app has not yet been approved by Apple, but we still expect that to happen this week.

We’d hoped to make the Safari To Go iPad app available this week following approval from Apple, but at the last minute uncovered an obscure but serious bug affecting users on a 3G iPad. Fortunately it was a simple fix, but it does mean waiting for approval on the update. The fix has been made and submitted, and while the approval timeline is out of our control, we expect it to take about 5 days, so we’re currently planning for a release early next week, as soon as Monday.

Thanks for your patience, and you can sign up to be notified by email when the app is available here.


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Andrew Savikas, Chief Executive Officer

Andrew Savikas is the Chief Executive Officer at Safari Books Online. Prior to his appointment as CEO, he held the positions of VP of Digital Initiatives at O’Reilly Media Program Chair for O’Reilly’s Tools of Change for Publishing conference , and interim Chief Executive Officer of Safari Books Online. Andrew blogs at and, and is also a regular contributor to the O’Reilly Radar blog and to “Book: A Futurist’s Manifesto,” a collection of essays on the future of publishing, Andrew previously led the digital publishing and ebook program and strategy for O’Reilly Media, including both print and digital production of all O’Reilly books. He sits on the board for the Book Industry Study Group and is on advisory boards for Bookshare and the University of Michigan Press. He frequently speaks at technology and publishing conferences all over the world and is also the author of “Word Hacks: Tips & Tools for Taming your Text“.

Andrew holds a B.S. in Media Studies from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and an MBA from Northeastern University in Boston.


33 Responses to “Safari To Go on Track for Release Next Week”

  1. Eric Wright

    Arrrggh. I hate waiting. Gotta fix those bugs though.

    Approval from Apple is great news!

  2. Glenn Street

    Will the app work for those of us who access our Safari accounts via third-party redirects (in my case the ACM)?

      • Olaf

        Thanks Andrew, can you maybe give us some information regarding how to login as an ACM subscriber? It seems you need to use your “” email address, but my ACM password is not accepted.

    • Olaf

      Thanks Andrew, can you maybe give me some details regarding how ACM subscribers can login? It seems the login name needs to be me”” email address, but my ACM password is rejected.

      • Andrew Savikas

        I’ve asked our support team to investigate, but please try to log in via the browser on your iPad. That should then display a banner near the footer to launch the app (the extra step here is required to support the authentication method used by ACM accounts).

      • Andrew Savikas

        I spoke too soon. That redirect should be pushed live about 8 AM PDT. I’ll let you know once I can confirm that.

  3. matt

    Thanks for keeping us up-to-date guys. I’m really looking forward to getting this app.

  4. Qigahyte

    Thanks for updating. My company signed up us recently. Can’t wait to read my books from iPad.

  5. Olaf

    I was surprised to read on the “Safari To Go iPad” features page that only WiFi and no 3G is supported as of yet. Hopefully, 3G access will be implemented in the near future as this is what really makes the Safari library mobile on the iPad!

    • Daryl

      I agree with Olaf. I would definitely appreciate having the option of downloading content over 3G. However, it would be nice if the app warned the user before accessing a book over 3G for those amongst us with small data plans (especially in the case where a large PDF must be downloaded first).

    • Andrew Savikas

      Absolutely. Our developers have already made great progress in improving performance over 3G, and we’re looking at internal API changes that will help as well. But I didn’t want to delay the app any longer than it already has been, I know there’s a lot of subscribers eager for iPad app access to Safari Books Online.

    • Andrew Savikas

      Look for good news tomorrow (Wednesday) morning.

  6. Eldon

    Just checked and it’s finally here – and after spending 10 minutes with it, Its clear that the new app is a huge improvement.

    Had no issues browsing books or reading both HTML formatted and one PDF format books

    Great job safari!!

  7. Oliver

    New app is SOOOOO much better. It feels like a real app after only 2 mins with it. Thank you!

  8. PatrickI

    Yes! I just downloaded it, played with the interface, looked at a few books in online mode, both text-reflowed style and PDF format…unlike the previous app, the books are now viewable in two-column landscape view! (the manner which I typically hold my iPad). A PDF formatted book in landscape mode is laid out just like the actual book (2 pages), therefore the print will be small on the iPad, and I have yet to find a way to enlarge it except for turning it to portrait mode.

    Great job spearheading this app, Mr. Savikas! Here’s hoping the company stays on top of it with frequent updates, fixes, improvements!

    Interesting (more iPad-like) way of adding books to the offline bookbag; for those who have yet to download the app, basically in a list/table of your favorite books you just press “edit” and then transfer a book to the offline bookbag. I’m looking forward to field-testing the offline bookbag.

    I am moving safari-to-go app back onto my ipad dock!

    • Olaf

      I can not find the app in the US store either. Could somebody please post a link?

  9. Anonymous

    Well Citrix XenClient, Solaris 11, RHEL 6 and a VMware iPad client beat you to market, among other long delayed products, but at least you shipped before Duke Nukem Forevef (just barely) so congratulations.

  10. Glenn Street

    I’m not able to login using my ACM account. If I enter my ACM and password, I get a pop up stating that there is a “Login Issue Invalid Password”.

    Can you please point me to help on this, or post, or email a solution? I’m looking forward to being able to use the app.

    • Andrew Savikas

      I’ve asked our support team to investigate. We did test with ACM accounts, so they should be able to resolve this for you quickly (once they get in this morning Pacific Time).

      • Glenn Street

        I was able to do the redirect method (posted in another thread) and am able to access my account using my ACM login. Great work and thanks again!

      • Thomas Taylor

        I have the same problem described by Glenn – Invalid Password for ACM account. I can’t find the ‘redirect method’ thread Glenn refers to. Could you post more detail about how to access the Safari To Go app using an ACM account?

      • Thomas Taylor

        Found it:

        It appears that I can’t directly login to the Safari To Go iPad App using my ACM username/password, but instead, I have to launch the Safari browser, login to my ACM account through, launch Safari Books Online through ACM, and finally click on the “Switch to Safari To Go iPad App” at the bottom of the page.